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How To De-Stress And Relax When Trying For A Baby

How To De-Stress And Relax When Trying For A Baby

It's really important for both you and your partner to stay relaxed during the whole process, as a woman under stress is much less likely to conceive as easily.

The increasing pressures of everyday life can result in a woman's body secreting excessive amounts of stress hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol. This can interfere with the secretion of female sex hormones and therefore cause disruption to ovulation and the menstrual cycle.

And it's not only women that need to keep stress levels in check. Feelings of stress in men can reduce the level of male hormones too, negatively affecting libido and sperm production. The pressure to have sex at the 'right time' is an added stress for men and in some cases can lead to 'performance anxiety'.

People will always tell you to relax and let it happen, but how can you make simple changes to your routine to de-stress? Watch this video with leading fertility and pregnancy expert Zita West who is also a practicing midwife, acupuncturist and nutritional advisor. Here she gives her top dos and don'ts to help couples relax when trying for a baby.

Ho Do You De-Stress When Trying To Conceive Can Be So Stressful?

It’s fair to say that the dreaded two-week wait can be one of the most difficult times when trying to conceive. The pressure put on you both during this journey, and on you as a couple, can cause more than just emotional upset.

Stress has a direct impact on your ability to conceive so this is a really important time to limit the stress in your life. It will also help make this time more enjoyable and exciting.

Here are a few ideas on how to keep stress away while you are trying to conceive. 

Have You Thought of Keeping A Journal? Reduce Stress Levels By Removing Negative Thoughts

Did you know that writing out your negative thoughts and emotions in a Journal actually has been shown to remove these feelings and help to get the stress off your chest?

You may have concerns about fertility, or worries about the pressure on your relationship. Negative thoughts running through your mind will not help so get them written down and get them off your to do list for today!

Talk To A Friend

Have you ever had a good catch up with a friend and walked away feeling much better? Now is the perfect time to connect with a friend or two. Have a chat about the things on your mind, let them help you put them into perspective and remind you that you have wonderful friends at the same time!

If you are really stressed and would like to speak to someone in the same situation then there are lots of online private groups on social media, or message boards on sites where you will find like minded people. Reach out and you may not only get some answers that help yourself but you may be able to offer advice to someone else who needs it!

There’s An App For That – It Really Is True!

Trying to conceieve is all about timing – you will most likely know that by now. If you are not sure what we mean than do some reading on when you ovulate and the conception process.

There are lots of apps and online tools that you will be able to use to identify your most fertile time and also to track your activity in the bedroom.

These are all designed to take the hard work out and once you have identified the best times to try to conceive then this should relieve a little bit of the uncertainty causing stress.

Get Out More!

Time outside is said to ‘blow the cobwebs away.’ This couldn’t be more true and will do wonders for you. Not only is the fresh air really good for you’re the but the Vitamin D is very beneficial especially when trying to conceive.

Light exercise could not be any more highly recommended at this time and even better would be to find things to do together outside. Perhaps you both like swimming, jogging or Tennis? Or just going for a picnic.

If you take the focus off trying to conceive then you will be doing yourself more good than you can imagine.

Take Some Time Out For Yourself

Sometime when we are busy or stressed or just not thinking we put ourselves second. It’s a really important time for you to remember just what you enjoy doing and make sure you do some of that! Be it reading, listening to music, or going for a walk.

Taking time out can lower your blood pressure and take away some of the day to day stress of general life so try to do this.

Think Positive!

Are you religious or are you spiritual? Have you ever though about something and that thought alone has given you a bit of hope? Finding yourself a positive Mantra or phrase could be just what you need. Something simple and hopeful that can help pull you through the more difficult days could be just what you need!

I have the courage to keep going. The future is good, I look forward to it with hope and happiness.

Just two examples! Take a moment to find your own and repeat it to yourself when you are feeling down.

Take A Break!

If trying to conceive is getting you so stressed that you are reading articles about it then could it be possibly time to just take a moment for yourself? Just because you put your plans aside for a few months and just enjoy life as you were doesn’t mean that you are giving up on what could be. You are just putting yourself first and this will in turn make you so much more ready when you do want to get back to it.

Perhaps plan a holiday and take a little time out to recharge. You never know, this could be just what you both need!

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