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How To Conceive a Girl

Many women trying to get pregnant want to know how to conceive a girl. Often these are people who perhaps already have more than one boy.

In fact recently it was reported that more and more couples have a gender preference when it comes to their baby but the vast majority would prefer not to resort to artificial means.

Natural ways to conceive a girl

One of the most popular means for conceiving a girl is The Shettles Method which recommends timing intercourse several days before ovulation. Many women use an Ovulation Calendar or an ovulation prediction kit as getting the timing right is obviously essential here. Unfortunately for the woman, The Shettles Method also states that ideally the woman must not climax during love making as this increases alkaline levels in the reproductive environment!

Sperm carrying the female gene is stronger and likely to last longer than the lighter, faster but more short-lived male sperm so ideally avoid sex around the time of ovulation when the male sperm will be more dominant.

Another useful fact is that the male sperm cannot survive for long in acidic environments so this can easily be used to your advantage by raising pH levels. Typically this is done by consuming foods high in magnesium and calcium as well as using homemade douches prior to having sex.

When a couple is making love, shallow penetration is encouraged as the area closest to the vaginal entrance is naturally more acidic so it is better if the sperm is deposited in that area. It's important to bear in mind all the time that once the egg is fertilized by a sperm the gender of the baby is set in place. Be patient when you are trying out these methods and ideally combine them together for the best results.

Scientists, from Maastricht University have also discovered that a combination of the timing of sex and the right food are the key to conceiving a girl or a boy. Women trying to become pregnant should cut out sodium and potassium-rich foods, like olives, bacon, smoked salmon, potatoes, prawns, blue cheese and even bread and pastries. Ideally they should eat foods containing lots of calcium instead such as yoghurt, hard cheese, canned salmon, oranges, spinach, almonds and broccoli. Women should also eat magnesium-rich foods like brazil and cashew nuts, whole wheat cereals, beans and figs.

Dad's diet, apparently, has no effect whatsoever on what sex the baby will be. Previous studies of women who have only ever given birth to boys indicated that their diet had contained mainly potassium and sodium-rich foods.

Good luck whatever happens.

by Kathryn Crawford

June 2013

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