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How To Conceive A Boy

How To Conceive A Boy

So, you’re wanting to have a beautiful bouncing boy?

Despite the lack of scientific proof behind it, there are a few ways that you can naturally increase your chances of having a boy.

Before diving into the theories, it is important to understand the science behind trying to conceive for a baby boy.

The sperm is the determining factor behind your baby’s gender as it contains and carries the chromosomes.

There are two types of chromosomes that can make up the sex of your baby: X is for a girl, and Y is for a boy.

Either a X or Y chromosome carrying sperm with fertilise the egg and this will condition the sex of the baby.

Trying To Conceive a Boy

Now that you have the science behind it, the following methods can help boost the sperm’s chances of fertilising your egg with Y chromosomes:

  • Keep Track of Your Ovulation Period
  • Monitor Your Vaginal PH Levels
  • Look at Changing Your Diet
  • Shake Up Your Positions
  • Change Your Partner’s Underwear
  • Time Your Orgasms
  • Check Your Partner’s Sperm Count

Seven Changes To Make To Conceive A Boy

Check Your Partner’s Sperm Count

It has been studied that boy sperm tends to be weaker and smaller than the girl carrying sperm.

Due to this, it can help that your partner has a higher sperm count in order to increase the chance of boy sperm reaching the egg before the girl sperm.

To try and keep your partner’s sperm count as high as possible, it is suggested that periods of 4-5 should go by before ejaculation.

Time Your Orgasms

When you orgasm your alkaline secretion is released. It has been said that when this happens, it increases the chances of boy sperm surviving and reaching the egg first.

This method indicates that it is best to orgasm before your partner to reap the full benefits of the alkaline fluid.

Orgasming will also help the boy sperm reach the cervix by causing the uterus and vagina to contract - pushing the sperm upwards towards the egg, allowing for a clearer path.

Change Your Partner’s Underwear

It is a common thing to hear that underwear can affect your partner’s sperm and is definitely worth trying when you are wanting to fall pregnant, and especially if you are aiming for a specific gender.

A cooler, more breathable scrotum is best to produce more sperm and can be achieved by opting for boxer shorts instead of briefs.

Having loose boxers will create more room and will not restrict the scrotum.

As noted before, the better the sperm count, the better the chances are of conceiving a boy.

Shake Up Your Positions

There is something to be said about the way you try and conceive a baby and how it will affect the gender. It is believed that deep, penetrative sex will enhance your chances of having a baby boy.

The sperm will be released closer to the cervix and into a more hospitable environment. With deeper sex, the boy sperm will have more of a chance of surviving and reaching the egg before the girl sperm.

You can look at including the following sexual positions for more penetrative sex:

From behind standing up straddling all of these positions will assist with your cervix position and the closeness of the sperm reaching the egg.

Note: gravity will have an impact on the rate that the sperm travels to the egg. It is best to try and keep the sperm in the vagina for 15-30 minutes to boost the chances of impregnation.

Look at Changing Your Diet

When trying for a baby, it is always a good thing to try and eat the best that you can. However, there are a few foods to try in order to help you conceive a boy.

The types of foods that you can look to incorporate into your diet are:

  • Alkaline rich foods like avocados and lentils
  • Potassium rich foods like bananas
  • Foods with high levels of sodium which can be found in salt
  • Red meat
  • Reducing the amount of food digested that has high calcium
  • Having a good breakfast with high calories and energy High energy foods before trying to conceive

Monitor Your Vaginal PH Levels

As noted before, the vaginal reproductive environment will give your chances of conceiving a boy a winning chance. If you are attempting to conceive a boy, it is essential to have a more alkaline environment.

You can test your PH levels by conducting a simple saliva test that is available at your local pharmacy.

It has been mentioned that orgasming can increase the vaginal alkaline levels but there are a few more things that you can try to assist with this.

For starters, choosing a diet that includes foods that are high in potassium and sodium can increase your PH levels.

The other is trying douching - this can produce faster results. However, it is better to try combining all of these tips to see better results in your PH levels.

Keep Track of Your Ovulation Period

If you have been trying for a baby or are wanting to start, you should track your ovulation regardless.

However, timing intercourse with your ovulation period can give the boy sperm an extra chance to get ahead.

There are a few theories pertaining to timing the stages of your ovulation with intercourse.

One of them being, you should try and have sex the day of ovulation. It is thought that male sperm can swim faster and reach the egg first during this period.

The Shettles Method

The second theory is that you should try and have sex as close as you can to starting ovulating.

The further away from starting ovulating that you try and conceive, the higher the chances are of the boy resilient sperm not surviving and the girl sperm reaching the egg.

According to Dr Shettles, of the Shettles method, there are also times to avoid when trying to conceive for a boy.

These times are 12 hours after you have ovulated and avoiding intercourse 24 hours before you start ovulating.

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