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Why Children Have Nightmares - How To Avoid Bad Dreams And What To Do When Your Little One Is Scared

Even as adults, nightmares can be absolutely terrifying. So how do you explain to a child, who is still trying to understand the difference between real-life and fantasy, there isn't really a scary mo…

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Bedtime advice from Norland

Creating calm and supportive bedtimes. If you don't read anything else about how to get your baby to sleep, read this. Supporting your child to have a good bedtime routine is key in having a calmer an…

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Sleep Soundly Under Ollies Wing thanks to latest Innovation from Gro

From the UK's most trusted and iconic sleep experts, The Gro Company is thrilled to unveil its latest innovation! Introducing Ollie the Owl, a unique and utterly adorable sleep aid with built in CrySe…

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