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Who's ready for CRAFT TIME? Great ideas right here!

Children's art ideas

The winter is a really tricky time to be able to entertain eager little minds at home so we have scoured the internet for the top craft ideas for you so you don't have to!

1. Paper plate Dinosaurs!

Paper Plate dinosaurs

Do you know a little dinosaur fan who would love to have a go at this? I do!! 

Find the instructions HERE


2. Fancy a go at making some of your own hedgehogs? These are TOO CUTE!

Home made hedgehogs

These little fella's are just adorable! Find out how to make your own HERE


3. Make your own Jellyfish!!


Make them as colourful and crazy as you would like!! Find out how to HERE


4. Stone MINIONS!!


What could be more fun than making your own super cute minions! Go one step further and hide them for others to find!

The instructions are HERE


5. Spinning wheels!


Are you fed up of this horrible weather that's brought us the winter wind? I am! 

Why not make some gorgeous pinwheels so you can go out and watch the colours spinning round. Find out how to HERE


6. Paper Plate Bees!

Bee craft for children

We are so keen to save the bees so why not promote some positivity with these gorgeous little bees.

Find out how to HERE


7. Zebra finger puppet!

Zebra finger puppet

Oh the options are endless! This lovely little person created a Zebra but you could do this with any animal!

Find out how to HERE


8. Superhero crafts


Bring your favourite superhero to life we these fabulour ideas! Check them out HERE


9. DIY spinner!


Oh wow! Did you have one of these when you were little? I'd totally forgotten about them!

Find out how to make one with your little person HERE


10. Cereal box aquarium!

Aquarium childs craft idea 

If you are lucky enough to live near a beach then you can go out to find your own stones and shells!

This could be hours of fun. Find out how to do it HERE


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