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My First Book of Patterns

My First Book of Patterns
Stripes, polka dots, floral, chevron, and more!

First concept books aim to empower children with the knowledge to visually identify and label the things that make up their everyday lives: colours, numbers, shapes, letters... and now patterns!

This September, Phaidon will publish My First Book of Patterns, a bold and vibrant board book that combines the familiar concepts of shapes and counting to explain the concept of patterns.

Watch a line become stripes and a circle become polka dots with the turn of a page!

These effortless transitions introduce children to patterns by breaking them down into parts, so the child not only identifies patterns, but also understands how they are created.

Each of the ten most common patterns are presented first as a single element ('This is a circle') and then as a pattern ('A lot of circles make... POLKA DOTS!').

Following is a stylish illustration featuring the pattern applied to a familiar scene: a breakfast table is set with polka dot napkins, plates and even fruit; under the sea, stripy turtles and jellyfish float by; and downtown, whimsical harlequin skyscrapers paint an unexpected skyline.

Conceived by Montessori educators Bobby and June George, this pitch-perfect introduction to patterns will engage the artistic, mathematical, and linguistic parts of every young child's mind.

The startlingly straightforward concept ensures that new vocabulary is never confusing while the page-turning reveal adds a great level of excitement!

A double gatefold at the end of this must-have book cements these new skills when a series of patterned ice creams offers a useful opportunity to recap by identifying all the patterns at once.

With appealing candy-coloured art from award-winning illustrator Boyoun Kim, this thick and sturdy book strengthens pattern sequencing, knowledge and understanding of geometric shapes and vocabulary.

My First Book of Patterns will ensure that the enquiring minds of little ones will be well and truly captivated.

Sure to become a beloved reference for mismatched, pattern-loving toddlers!

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