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Zoe Williams 'What Not to Expect When You're Expecting'

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"Witty and observational"

Something Zoe states in her 1st chapter is that as a new mum you realise you will never have time to read for the next 1000 years! She was so right, but I managed to fit in a little a night of this book as it was so great to be able to keep saying out loud "she is soooo right!" I think it must be a truth universally acknowledged that a midwife will try to convince you that labour pain is some kind of personal goal, and they just know that the moment you can't take it any more that they can convincingly say "Oh you're too late now for an epidural. Baby will be here soon" Zoe was soooo right!! ha ha. Like me, she gets involved in her rants and as everyone and their dog seems to have a view on everything baby, Zoe writes in a wonderful observational humour on the subject that kept me reading. However the rants maybe went on a little too long. Example. Chapter 2. After a while I was thinking "yes, OK, I get it..." I think if someone had given me this book to read in the couple of weeks I had before my son had arrived I would have had a useful (funny)insight. As the mother of a 6 month old, I can see the more humorous side of it, as I kept nudging my husband to tell him something else I agreed with Zoe about, even though it's a case of finding the time to read it.

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"Every new mum to be should read"

Such a good book

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"not what I was expecting"

I love easy reading books but this isn't really in that category. I had to try several times to get into reading it and on the whole it seems as if the aauthor is just having a rant about things There are some funny parts too, Its funnier as the book goes on and it is very straight talking. Some of the subjects covered don't normally bother me that much like what society thinks about alcohol during pregnancy. I didn't drink during pregnancy but on the whole I am not a big drinker anyway but I wouldn't go on about whats right or wrong and whether the government's policies are right or wrong. On the whole I did start to enjoy the book but it did take some time. I wouldn't label it a guide as it states on the back cover but more of an insight into Zoe's experience and thoughts. I think that maybe the rants at the beginning put me off but it is worth a read as I can well understand some of the situations.

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"Funny and informative"

I thought this was overall a very good book. I found certain parts difficult to read as the language used at times was a little to intellectual for me. I learned a lot from this book and would defiantly recommend it to friends especially first time mums.

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"Funny and oh so true"

This book is not a baby guide book (one that I was expecting) but author's own experience of pregnancy, labour and parenthood. Even though you may not agree with all her views on issues such as alcohol drinking during pregnancy or breastfeeding (which she also supports by a bit of facts from research) you are bound to laugh and sometimes gasp to her account of hormonal rages and being on edge during pregnancy (and its impact on relationship), pregnancy related cravings and weight-gain, horrendousness of labour (and the use of epidurals in UK hospitals), child rearing (Gina Ford gets a mention), how motherhood changes one and many other issues related to bringing up children and also their development. I read the book when my son was 4 months old and I frequently burst out laughing (disturbing his feed as it was the only time whilst breastfeeding that I managed to read). I kept thinking "This is what it was/is like for me. This is how I felt/feel" which I must say I found reassuring as a new mum, because so many things seem daunting at that time. I loved author's raw sense of humour, honesty and a matter of fact attitude to things. I can't say if I would have found it so delightful if I was reading it when pregnant but I would recommend it to any new mum. I thoroughly enjoyed it as my first book after my son was born.

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"Overall a funny read"

This book took a while to get in to however when I did I found it really entertaining. I certainly wish I'd have read this before getting pregnant lol

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