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"I Love My Zippy Boots!"

Wow, wow, wow, wow, WOW!!!! I LOVE my Zippy Boots. In all my life I have never owned boots so comfortable. They are lovely and cosy and warm but apparently because they are real sheepskin, they will also keep my feet cool in the Summer! (you learn something new every day) I have the black ones, chosen quite deliberately so that hopefully my three teenage daughters won't be borrowing them all the time. They all have various fake sorts of Aussie sheepskin boots in differing shades of tan, chocolate and brown so I thought that perhaps black wouldn't be up their street. Wishful thinking perhaps as already one of them has been seen eying them up! I like all the colours available, it has to be said, but the thing I like best about the Zippy Boots is their versatility. I can wear them as longish boots with or without a fur cuff. I can unzip them too to wear them as shorter, ankle-high boots with or without a cuff - so 4 options I suppose. Their soles and heels are constructed too so that they won't collapse and go all lop-sided like their many pale imitations. They are certainly not in a cheap boots category but they are well worth the extra money as they won't slump and die a death after a few months. My boots are strong, sturdy, stylish and will be around for many years to come. I can't praise them enough......

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Well I'm used to my cheapo ASDA boots which I can now tell you are in the bin!! I haven't had my zippy boots off since I've received them. They are so unbelievable comfy....like a hug for your feet!...I've been ill with a cold for about 3 weeks now too so they've been much appreciated when I've had to go out. Not only are they amazingly comfy and warm, they are practical too as you can change the length of them. I've taken the zip bit off at the moment as they are really warm but when it starts getting colder out then the extra bit will be much appreciated (especailly if it's anything like last winter with the snow). Saying that, the sole has a good grip too which is vital when as a mother you end up carrying a lot/running after an active child and don't want to be slipping about! It's not only me who loves them too. My sister/mum and friends have all made comments about how comfy they look and think it's fab you can extend them....plus my little one Lincoln likes the feel of them and is constantly trying to touch my boots following me round the house when I have them on!! haha I'm just waiting for some freezing cold weather now so I can really see that green colour in people's faces! hehe Many MANY thanks for these boots.....they are so well made and are basically the perfect winter boots. LOVE them.....again!!

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"Amazingly comfy!!!!"

I have had cheap faux fur boots in the past and i will not be going back!! The idea of the boots is to wear them without socks as the sheeps wool inside keeps your feet warm in the cold and cool in warmer weather. I must admit at first i was a bit dubious about wearing them bare foot thinking that i would have a really expensive but really stinky pair of boots especially as the weather has been quite warm here at the moment, however i have worn them without socks since recieving them and i am amazed (as is my hubbie) that they still smell as fresh as the day they arrived!! Once you slip the boot on the fur inside seems to mould to your foot in a way i have never experienced before, they feel so soft it is like wearing slippers all day. They top portion of the boot zips off to give you the 2 in 1 boot. The zip itself is a sturdy metal which seems very unlikely to break, i thought it may be a bit fiddly to remove the top section but it is actually very easy to remove and re-attach them. I have felt some of the other more expensive sheepskin boots and they have not felt as soft as these so if you are considering buying any of the other makes then have a look at these first! I can honestly say that i would never normaly pay this much for a pair of boots but they are so so comfortable i would seriously consider buying another pair if/when these have worn out. I am a total convert!!

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"Love 'em!"

If you are after an extremely comfy, practical and stylish pair of boots that will keep their shape, this is the footwear for you! These are definitely the most comfortable boots I have ever had. Made of a soft sheepskin, they have cosy, foothugging inside which is, of course, perfect for the Winter but cleverly are also great in Summer too. Apparently sheepskin is heat regulating and so prevents your feet from ever getting too hot! What a perfect solution for those 'between seasons' days too, when it is almost impossible to guess what the weather will do and therefore know what to wear. I chose the dark chocolatey brown boots which are a lovely rich colour. Their versatility, thanks to an ability to zip off the top of the leg section, means that they can be worn with a wide range of outfits. In addition to this you can also choose, with either length boot, whether to turn down the top to reveal the fur. Brilliant! For me, one of the most important aspects of these boots is the promise that they will not lose their shape. In the past I have been put off from buying cheaper and I must say, some more expensive, well known makes having seen people wearing them and walking on the sides. These, however, are much more substantial meaning the sole and heel won't collapse with wear. In addition, the sole also has a good grip - very necessary when running after small children! I love these boots ... and from the comments I have received so do my friends! At last, although they aren't cheap, I have a comfy, versatile pair of boots that are real value for money! Thank you!

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"i love my boots!"

These are the most comfy boots ive ever owned and i love them! Normally i would not spend £130 on a pair of boots but these are worth every penny. I was surprised that my feet would not get hot in the warmer weather they stayed nice and cool, although i did need to remove the top bit as my legs got a bit warm. The removable part was a bit tricky at first but now ive got the hang of it they are easy.The boots look great long and short rolled down with the fur showing. Ive worn them with my leggings and skinny jeans and they look fab. My friends have all commented on them. At first i was really paranoid about getting anything on them but i have found most stuff comes off with a little warm water. Would definatly recommend these boots to people and say its worth paying a little extra. They look nicer then the cheaper styles.

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