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Your Healthy Pregnancy

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"Some great, simple advice for first time mums"

As others have commented the book is compact and brief but is full of great advice and information. Compared to some other books I have it is very easy reading, all the information without going in to too much detail. I tend to read these books a little at a time and the format of the book makes this very easy to do with each paragraph/section nice and short. I did feel that some of the information conflicted advice in a few of my other books but I have found that anyone who writes anything on pregnancy does so. Worth the money if bought early on in pregnancy. Overall a good read and a recommended buy.

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"What a fab read....."

Although this book is under 100 pages long it is one of the most informative i have read to date and believe me i've been reading lots. At first glance i thought £5.99 was a little pricey but after reading i'd say it's well worth it. This covers all areas of your pregnancy with clear and reassuring advice. A handy handbag size and a fab read. I would recommend it to anyone.

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"Excellent for the first time mum!"

I liked this book. It was easy to read, and covered all the main parts of a healthy pregnancy without being too overpowering on the medical facts. When I was pregnant with my first child, we bought several pregnancy books. Many of them were really difficult to read, full of medical facts and figures. The others were a bit too frank for our liking - scaring us with some of the information. This book however was much easier to read, and covered all the important points, without being scary or difficult to understand. This book would be ideal for a first time mum. Although on saying that, I did find some little pieces of information that was helpful towards me this time round. As I am pregnant with twins, blood pressure is an issue this time. Some of the information of the potential problems associated with high blood pressure was quite re-assuring to me. I know the medical risks of high blood pressure, but this book explained all the potential treatments in a much more positive way than many other sources I have read.

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"Good overview for first time mums"

I think it is a good book that summarises the main points without having to read pages and pages. I got this when I was 6 months pregnant so would have been more useful if I'd had it at beginning of pregnancy. Also as I'm pregnant for the second time I didn't find as useful as perhaps a first time mum would. I think this is an ideal book for first time mums.

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