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You and Your Toddler

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"full of useful information"

very good book full of useful information hints and tips altough after working with children for a number of years i wasnt keen on the generalisation that boys should be doing certain things before girls as all children are different and all develop at different rates this could cause some parents to worry when there is actually no need to worry. apart from the generalisation it is very good with hints on everything from illness to toilet training

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"Helpful book"

I found this book to be quite helpful, it has alot of very useful tips and hints from everything to eating, behaviour and tantrums.. although as a mum of soon to be 3 children alot of it comes down to common sence really and my daughter who is younger than my son has developed slower than her brother but all children develop at different rates unlike what it says in the book that girls tend to develop quicker than boys.. I do think this book is a good all rounder but i wouldn't be rushing out to buy it.

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"Informative Book"

This is an easy to navigate informative book - It gave good practical information and came in a good handbag (or nappy bag) size

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