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Yondi - The Travel Pillow by Trunki

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"great product"

I have tried a few other travel pillows but this one is by far the best.It gives my 4 yrs old son total support.Instead of his head flopping around and looking really uncomfortable when he falls asleep. He looks really relaxed and hes not complaining of neck ache anymore.It bright and colourful which really attracted him to it which is good because he can sometimes be really fussy.The fabric is really soft and its well padded overall this is a great travel item

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"Fantastic item!"

I got a Yondi that was suitable for my 6yr old little girl. She was over the moon with it! She is a girly girl and loves pink so it was ideal for her. When we got it she wanted to go out in the car straight away to try it. We had the chance to use it a few days later on a long journey. She was so comfy in it and didn't complain of feeling sick like she normally does. The colours are lovely and the two different fabrics on each side compliment each other perfectly. Unlike most head huggers the Yondi has a back headrest too to stop her head rolling about. It also closes to the front with 2 magnets, this is a brilliant idea as it stops it slipping about. It doubles as a teddy/comforter and my daughter has slept with it since as she says its soft and cuddly. Her review on it is: I really like it, its soft and squishy and gorgeous. It helped me when I wanted to go to sleep. I really love it thank you.

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