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Yoga For Pregnancy

Yoga For Pregnancy
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6 individual prenatal yoga workouts with Ann Richmond

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"Soo relaxing!"

How easy is it to use? Perfect, There are a few items that you need either around the house or bought in, but very seldom will you not have a hard back book etc in the house. Does it do what it's supposed to? And more! I have struggled sleeping so far, and have found since using this dvd set i am much more relaxed and can hit the pillow and be ot like a light in no time! Is it value for money - Would you buy it at its normal retail price? Yes, I would pay between 10-15 pound for this set, it retails for £11.99 and i find that perfect. Appearance - How does it look? It looks peaceful on the cover and i think this is the image Ann Richmond would intend. Do you (or your child - baby) like it? I loved it from the momment i put it on.. id did take a bit of alteration in some parts but, you are taken through different ways to perform each move which i found very helpful. Does it have any negatives or bad points? Not that i've come accross.. other than actually having to find my remote control to get through the chapters lol! Overall I would highly recommend this to any level of Yoga mum-to-be, I have only just begun just over 2 weeks now and find it has helped me tremendously so far and can only imagine it will help more towards the end of my pregnancy and during labour!

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