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Worlds Apart My Blue Nose Friends

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"well made"

My Blue Nose Friends Truffle's Camera Cafe & Scuba The Dolphin's Beach Set My two daughters aged 5 & 3 were very excited to review this product. when it arrived we not only had the camera set but the dolphin beach set too. The camera is excellent as it is not only a shop when opened up but a great carry case for all the pieces and a viewfinder showing 8 pictures of blue nose friends. I was most impressed with the quality of the figures. They are solid, and have weight to them so they stand up without falling over. With the camera set you get Truffles the pig and we got Scubba the dolphin with the beach set. These products have been well made and are lots of fun. I will be buying more sets to add to the collection.

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"Great for younger kids"

My Blue Nose Friends Truffle's Camera Cafe & Scuba The Dolphin's Beach Set Deffo a good buy, my 4 year old daughter never puts this down

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"Good fun, but a not hardwearing"

My Blue Nose Friends Truffle's Camera Cafe & Scuba The Dolphin's Beach Set Our toys arrived at a very tough time for us. My 3 year old had just suffered a nasty break to her left leg, and as such we didn't have chance to play for quite some time. I found the box in a corner of the playroom at just the right time, my little girl had just had her cast removed but was very reluctant to try to walk. We used her new toys as an incentive, and it worked a treat :) Our first impressions when we got them out of the box was that they looked fun. Bright, colourful and cute. As an enthusiastic photographer the camera design appealed to me, and was instantly recognisable to the children (they are used to havng Mummy's camera pointed their way!). The set itself seemed quite sturdy. The accessories were quite small, which concerned me slightly as my 3 year old still hasn't grown out of exploring with her mouth! We spent an enjoyable few hours playing and making up stories with the characters, they are very good for encouraging imaginative play. However, within a few days the covering was starting to wear off of the characters, helped along by my drool monster. I can't see them lasting too much longer whilst retaining their cute fuzzy look! The accessories have also been misplaced amongst their other toys. In conclusion, i think these toys are good fun. The children, particularly my 3 and 5 year old girls, have expressed a desire for more characters to expand the set. They are cute enough to appeal to all children. I just feel that the small accessories are a bit of a waste of time, and the velvety covering on the toys is easy to peel off!

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"Such a lovely product"

Tatty teddy and Blue nose friends Wise owl school house and Messy play art set. I am so happy with this whole thing, the age suitable is 4+ but has kept both my 5 year old and my 2.5 year old entertained. It's very good as they can learn to tell the time on the clock, then it can be pulled down to turn into outdoor play. The back of the clock comes down onto the ground to turn into a roundabout and a slide is attached to the top. Wise owl comes with the playschool set, the rest of the blue noses are in the art set, they are Whisper, Gumgum, Dilly and Ocean. They come with easels, paint pots, brushes and books. The only thing that has bothered the children is that the clock isn't very easy to pull down so I have to do it for them. Personally I prefer this as it means it won't be easily broken or constantly falling off. It is very well built and beautifully bright and attractive to look at. All the blue noses are adorable and I have a feeling we will now become Blue nose collectors! This is worth the selling price and a lovely set.

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"Love it"

My eldest loves Tatty teddy, and already has a few characters from the range. She loves this playset. It has not only entertained her (4.5 years) but has also provided endless fun for my 2 year old twins. All 3 girls have played really well with this. My downside, it isn't big enough for 3 kids to play with it at once. Plus points - the girls loved the concept of the playset. It arrived just before Ella started school, so initially play was more what she did at nursery. She spent most of the time sliding the charcters down the slide and playing on the roundabout. However now she is at school she has transformed how she plays with this, and now has the characters sitting at desks, and all the characters have turns of being the teacher. I often hear her teaching the little figures the letters of the alphabet. The fact that is is encouraging her to practise her letter sounds is a huge plus for us. Downsides - like I said it is causing a big fight in my house as all 3 want to play with it at once. Also all 3 girls have struggled a little to open the front and bring down the slide and roundabout. It still appears to be very stiff. As a result it rarely gets shut, so the clock component never gets used. Also we would have liked more little figures to go with it, however we got round that by adding figures we already had. It does appear a little flimsy, but so far has with stood my 3 pulling at it. All in all, we love this. My eldest's words were "Best test EVER!"

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"Lovely set"

Before the introduction of this play set my children had never heard of tatty teddy before. Incidentally, they loved it!! It is a lovely colourful set, with a variety of little characters to play with. My 5 yr olds particularly love role playing which made this set a great addition to the toys they already have. The only issue I have had with it, is that the bell does seem to continually fall off and then we have to search high and low to find it to replace it. I would suggest having in attached in future without the option of removing it. But other then that, there is only positives to this product. Amazing set, I highly recommend for young children.

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