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What Could It Be by Sally Fawcett

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"Fun and interesting"

I'm Mum to a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old - both girls. My older daughter especially loved this book; she liked the repetition of the questions as this meant that she was able to read along, so it was great for practising reading (without her realising!). Great for my younger daughter too as it encourages shape and colour recognition. Lovely illustrations. Really good book, would recommend for children similar ages to mine.

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"Fun to read"

My 3 year old enjoyed reading this book, especially finding all the different shapes and what else they could be. We've read it many times. The book is well illustrated meaning it was also fun for my 2 year old to look at with us. I think this book is value for money, because there's lots to look at and many questions to ask. I'd recommend buying it.

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"Lovely book"

My 5 year old and 3 year old both love me reading them this book, lots of lovely bright colours and fab pictures, they have a great time finding all the different shapes. It's definitely now a favourite here :)

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"Great for both toddler and child!"

I have two boys, one 4 and one almost 2. This book was great at providing lots to look at, and lots to think about. I like the idea that it asks the child to look for shapes etc outside of the book. My pre-schooler has been doing shapes at nursery and has been using this book at the same time with great results. I feel like it has opened his eyes at finding shapes all around. My toddler loves to look at the colours, bright and entertaining. He looks with me turning the pages and points. He so far has said a lot of the shapes and colours which is lovely. He seems to enjoy just looking at it rather than learn currently which is normal, but I do think this book has a great base to work on. Especially if further books are released.

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