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Weleda Skin Food

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"Weleda Skin Food"

I'm a big fan of Weleda products and I use their Wild Rose moisturisers and eye cream every day. I love the fact that they aren't packed full of all the 'nasties' found in the vast majority of beauty products in the shops today. So I was full of high hopes when intent upon a pre-Summer overhaul, I bought the Skin Food to treat my very dry elbows and my heels. My teenage daughters tell me that they and their peers can tell when someone's old from behind by looking at their wrinkly, dry elbows! Until I was made aware of that, I never gave my elbows a single thought I don't think!! Now I'm uber-conscious of them!! Anyway back to the Weleda Skin Food.... To be honest I was a little disappointed as I thought it would be much more effective and fast-working. My elbows needed treating over a good few days before they passed muster and my heels still look quite dry. Having said that I did have a few dry patches on my shins and they seem to have gone, so perhaps I should reserve judgement. Unlike most of the other Weleda products I've tried, the Skin Food doesn't have a particularly nice scent either although again most of the intensive treatment type moisturisers are similar. All in all, not bad but not brilliant either!

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