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WELEDA Baby Tummy Oil

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I used this the first night I got it as my 11 week old son had a belly ache. So I laid him on a soft blanket in a warm room and got him undressed and left him in his nappy. This oil has a lovely smell and you just need to put a small amount on your hands but make sure your hands are warm, and then just massage your babys belly in a clockwise motion and it will start to help him shift any wind but it did take a little while so don/t expect it to work instantly. I think its great as he enjoyed the massage and its made with all natural ingrediants. Im not usually in to all natural stuff but when it comes to your baby you dont want his delicate skin to be agrivated with all the chemicals they put in stuff nowadays. So overall i think its a great product to have and you dont need to use an awful lot either so even a small bottle lasts quite a while.

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"warming and relaxing"

My 9 week old daughter had been uncomfortable with a tummy ache all day so after her bath I decided to use this fantastic tummy oil and give her a massage. The oil felt lovely on my hands and the smell was beautiful. As soon as I started to massage my litlle ones tummy as instructed in the leaflet she immediately calmed down and started to smile. Within a few minutes it appeared that her tummy ache was easing and she had a very settled night. Since our first use this oil has become part of our bath time routine and as soon as I open the bottle and she smells the oil she starts smiling and cooing. I can only imagine that the bottle will last well as you only need a few drops each time. Thank you weleda for a beautiful, warming and relaxing product that both mum and baby love.

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My 13 week old twins both suffer from tummy ache and one from colic, so I was very excited to try this product. The oil smelt lovely and a little goes a very long way. I first used this oil after a bath to massage my daughter with colic. I followed the directions in the leaflet and I soon had a calm relaxed baby not only did she find comfort by it was a lovely chance to have some bonding time. I have used the oil with both daughters and it has become a happy part of our bath time routine. The tummy oil is a really good affordable price compared to others on the market and I would firmly recommend it.

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