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Weaning by Annabel Karmel

Weaning by Annabel Karmel
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"delicious recipes"

I had already started to wean my eight month old son when I received this book but I have been using the baby led weaning method which doesnt have the need for purees and mushy foods.So the first few chapters in the book were irrelevant to me and my son although the second half contained recipes that were more suitable, he loved them and as a family we all loved the cous cous. I have now passed the book on to a friend who is weaning her first baby at four months and she has told me that Maisie loves all the recipes that she has tried and has found the book extremley helpful in answering questions about weaning.

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"great read useful"

i read through thiis book in two days there are so many helful tips and recipies i have already tried some and my baby boy who is cummin up 6 months loved it when i tried to wean him on shop bought baby food he hated it he would throw it all back up again. But when i tried a few recipies i couldnt believe how much he enjoyed it and he actually kept it down i was so pleased , there are still a few that i want to try out it even has useful time tables that tell you how much they need as they grow and when to feed it I love this book and i am so happy to be lucky enought to review it as it has really help kick start me on weaning my lil boy i would defo reccomend this to anyone needing help weaning it great

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"Baby Weaning Book by Annabel Karmel"

I have read through The Annabel Karmel book now and have found that it has lots of very useful information in and has taught me a lot that I didnt know. I found that it told me a lot about all of the different food groups and about how to go about starting weaning and introducing finger foods. The book is split into 3 sections starting weaning 6 months plus, then 6-9 months, then 10 months plus. the book also has a lot of different recipes in and some of them have been things that I would never of thought have putting together but I have and she has loved them. The meal planners that the book has in each section are really good and have helped a lot with putting together a healthly and balanced diet. i would recomend this book to my friends and i think for the information that is in the book the £9.99 price tag is not a lot to pay really .I hope this review has been of some help to you.

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"Good recipes"

I had high hopes as i had started weaning my daughter and had been using Annabel's meal planner book for hints. I found the introduction very useful, explaining the different food groups and why they are important for your baby. It gives advice on what foods you should and should not give your baby and also breaks down the weaning process into 6+ mths, 6-9 mths and 10-12 mths. The meal planner examples are helpful if you are a busy mum. The recipes are varied, are well explained and easy to make. However overall if i had a choice between this book and her complete baby and toddler meal planner book, i would recommend the latter. I didn't think there was enough difference between the books to warrant having taken out another book.

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