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VTech Light-up Learning Mirror

Customer Reviews

"A Great Item"

I was asked to test the v-tech light-up learning mirror with my son Liam who is seven months old. This is shaped pefectly so that it can easily be held in babys hand, and it is nice and lightweight too.Liam loves playing with this in his babywalker and in his car seat. It can keep him amused for ages just by him pulling faces at himself in the mirror! There are three buttons on this toy which light up in different colours when pressed. These teach about animals, the sounds that they make, and body parts. It also plays a few nice nursery rhymes. Attached to each side of the mirror is a soft, round pice of material which makes a crinkly noise when played with. Liam loves to play with these and he also chew them when he is teething! This is a lovely toy- educational and fun which will keep your little one amused for ages, Liam has hardly put this down since it arrived a few weeks ago.

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"Fun "

We got this for Ava for her first Christmas when she was only a month old and wondered will she ever be interested in this. Well from 6months onwards Ava loves this toy and her new thing is to bring the mirror up to her face and kiss it which is rather cute. The songs get a bit annoying once it's been playing all day, however Ava loves the music and the lights going off on on so I should really take this as a good sign. In our house we have an abundance of toys with most being VTech as we find these toys to be the most fun, amuse Ava so much plus they are very educational too.

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