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Chunky, 2-piece puzzles featuring familiar first toys. Six puzzles in one box Perfect first jigsaw puzzle Suitable for toddlers from just 18 months

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"fabulous toy"

This puzzle is great for little ones who are just starting to work out how to put 2 things together. The pieces are large enough to easily be held by little hands and easy to put together. As the pictures are all of objects which the child can recognise it also invites to practice vocabulary with them. There are 6 different puzzles in the box and I have found that specially when just starting out this makes for a good mix as you can pull 2 or 3 different ones out every time. Then as the attention span starts to grow it becomes a fun mix and match game as well as a puzzle. The pictures are brightly coloured and fun to play with and would suit boys and girls in my opinion. Would recommend this toy for any child aged between 12-24 months. Hours of fun for a reasonable price!

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"Brilliant quality and pierfect for little fingers"

We are an absolute fan of the orchard toys range. This 18m+ puzzle box is perfect sizing for little fingers and hands. The pieces are much bigger and more stable than I thought they would be. My son is 2 years old and tipped the box straight out and managed to complete them all with much to his delight. I love the fact the pieces are cut in different directions depending on the picture. So they aren't always fitting the pieces in the same motion. Brilliant product and would definitely buy as a present to one of the many party's we attend!

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