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Top Tips From the Baby Whisperer - Potty Training

Top Tips From the Baby Whisperer - Potty Training
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"Not very good value for money"

I have a daughter who has just recently turned 2 years old so was finding the right time to potty train her. I was finding it difficult due to the fact that shes very independant and does not want to do what I say anymore so defintaly needed some advice on how to accomplish potty training. At first glance at this book it looked a fairly small easy to read book but with also alot of information inside. After reading the first few pages I already was not impressed at the fact that 'the baby whisperer' was only giving information on TOILET training, NOT potty training as the title states this book it called. It starts by giving you routines of what a typical babys daily routine is and how their day should be structed in order to work the toilet training into their day. The baby whisperer suggests starting to train at 9 months old if there able too sit on there own, which in my opinion would of been impossible in my daughter! It then goes on to read about different stories that mothers have wrote into the baby whisperer and asked her advice about and then she replies with an answer which is also quite interesting to read but the baby whisperer seems very rude in alot of replies and seems to be very boastful about how she thinks her way is right and nothing else is. I found this very off putting to read. After reading through this book I noticed that there was only a small section,3 - 4 pages at the back of the book, which there was information for children of my daughters age. The advice I got given to training my daughter to use the toilet was nothing I already knew. Just to take her nappy off, do not use pull ups, get in her pants staright away and too just keep sitting on the toilet and persisting until she does this. I did not find this helpful in any way, so much that I havnt tried this on my daughter as Ive been trying to do this for 1 year already and my persisting is not working! There is a article in the book where a mother wrote in and said she has been trying for many months and has now stopped as she feels she wasnt getting anywhere and the baby whisperers reply was '.. Just lazy.' Thats a really offputting reply to somebody that is ment to be giving us useful advice! The book was 6.99 and in my opinion is totally not worth it! I would not recommend this book to anybody trying to train there child unfortunatly.

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