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Top Tips For Starting School

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"A very useful book for anyone with pre-school children"

My daughter will be starting school next year and I already feel that I should be doing things with her at home to prepare her for the routine of school life and for some of the academic work she will do there. I didn't really know where to start though until I read this book. It is an invaluable source of ideas and is a great reference book for any parents who have children who are about to start school, or have just started. The book covers everything from developing independence and social skills to early reading, writing and number skills. Each topic is dealt with in it's own section, all starting with a very useful checklist so that you can assess your child's current skills in that area. It then moves on to explain what your child still needs to do to be ready for school and suggests activities that you can do together to help improve on the skills your child already has. I particularly like this book because all the activities are fun, quick and are designed for parent and child to enjoy together - your child will certainly not feel that you are making them do 'work'! I have found this book really useful and would recommend it to others with pre-school children. I feel more confident about helping my daughter prepare for school now and know that she will feel more confident when she starts.

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