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TLC Baby Eye Care Wipes

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"Great value"

These wipes are gentle and easy to use and convenient to pack in your bag when you're out and about.

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"TLC Eye Care Review"

These wipes come individually wrapped and were perfect for travelling with, I have also just left a pack in the nappy bag for those just in case moments.

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It was nice to find something that's safe to use on eyes when boiled water isn't readily available. They did a good job of cleaning the baby's eyes and the smell wasn't overpowering. I also tried them on my own painfully sore hayfever eyes and found them comfortable to use.

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"Gentle and very handy"

These wipes are very gentle on delicate skin. I also used them on my sore eyes after having problems with contact lenses. I like the fact that they come individually wrapped making them very handy to just pop in to handbag or changing bag

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I used these mostly on my 3 month old who seems to be prone to gunk around the eye and they really are great. they are wet enough to lift the gunk and so gentle - it didn't leave it red. Hubby also found them quite handy with is hayfever . I would definitely get these again

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"gentle wipes"

These wipes are individually wrapped which I love as it means I know they are clean and safe to use on my little ones eyes. They are very gentle and cleaned my babies eyes without causing any distress. They have a delicate scent and are lovely and soft. I would use them again on my little girl.

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"Gentle & effective"

My little boy is 14 months and has suffered with 'gooey' eyes quite a bit since he was newborn and I've always used boiled water and cotton wool where needed. When I received these wipes I was quite pleased as they're individually wrapped so handy for use on the go. They're very gentle and didnt irritate his eyes whilst effectively doing the job their meant to

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"would use again"

Love the fact they were individually packaged made knowing they were still moist and clean when you needed them to hand, they were soft and gentle on the eye definatly something i would use again especially when kids gets dirty or conjuctavitus.

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"Soft and gentle"

I used the wipes on my newborn daughter. I found these gentle to touch and there were no tears during use. The name is reassuring as a mum in a hurry. Easy to pack in a bag to carry on the go. Refreshing as a face wipe, I used a few myself in the hot weather. Easier to use then water and cotton wool to clear the eyes. As a mum I would have liked a little more reassurance from the packet they were for newborn use.

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"Great for conjuctivitis"

I used these on my baby to wipe away sleepy dust and food (messy eater!!) from her eyes, they were convenient and gentle on her eyes. I ended up using them on myself when I developed conjuctivitis, and they were so much easier than cotton wool and water!

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"Good product "

Without fail my 16 month old wakes up with gunk in her eyes after every sleep, So these are extra handy, I keep them by her cot and open 1 wipe in the morning and it usually lasts until the end of her mid afternoon sleep to wipe her eyes again. They're very soft and gentle and littleun doesn't mind me using them. As with the nose wipes, I'm unsure if it would be something I would buy due to the price as we're living on a small budget at the minute.

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"very handy when out"

Good product, however I used them only when out as I preferred to use warm water and cotton wools when at home. As they are individually packed I was confident to use them on my baby girl when out and about. Not a dissapointing product but I won't be using it on a daily basics.

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