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"Wonderful invention"

I think this is a must have for all parents who eat out with their kids, Evie is a messy eater and I often worry about what she is getting off the high chair. Tidy Trays fit the high chair tray and then she eats straight off the Tidy Tray. If its messy or dirty I take it home and either run it under the tap or throw it in the washing machine. We also use the Tidy Tray at home when she is painting, keeping my high chair clean - perfect, recommend highly

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"Not something I'd buy"

My initial thought when I heard about tidy trays was: that's just not a product I would buy. But after being sent it, I thought I'd better give it a fighting chance. I have an Ikea Antilop high chair at home which, I discovered, the tidy tray does not fit. But I don't see this as a product for home use, it's easy enough to keep a high chair tray clean at home. Whereas the trays on pub and cafe high chairs often look in dire need of a good clean, so into my changing bag this went for outings. And it did save me doing a quick tray wipe down on several occasions (although, it didn't fit the tray of the first restaurant high chair either!). My son did manage to get his inquisitive little fingers under the elastic edge and pull it off the tray on one occasion. It is hygienic and packs up small, so no harm in popping one in your bag for outings. At £14.99, it's pricey for what is basically just a plastic cover with an elastic edge, but if you eat out with your child a lot, then it would probably be used (if it fits). I won't be putting it on my list of 'must haves' that I share with other mums.

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"handy product"

Having taken a look on the website before recieving this product i thought what a great idea....i hope it fits my highchair! When it arrived i hastily opened it only to find that sadly, it did not (i have a cosatto arora and admitedly it has a fantastic but very large tray, one of the reasons i bought it) so i could not try it at home. So i took it on holiday with me and it fitted all the highchair trays as they are smaller than my mammoth thing. As we were abroad it was very welcome, no more carrying around dettol wipes and trying to inconspicuously clean an already "cleaned" tray. The cup holder was handy as little miss launches her water beaker frequently. As i have also yet to find a bowl or plate that she cant remove she always eats directly off the tray so now i have peace of mind that if we go anywhere i know what shes eating off is hygenic. It also goes in the washing machine when you get home. I just wish i was sent a pink version instead of a blue one but now im being picky!! Overall, a fab idea.

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"Life saver"

Well what can I say this product is amazing. Every parent should have one the peace of mind this item gives is amazing, my child like many others when we are out likes to feed himself but not off a plate so this item slips over any highchair and gives you peace of mind to let them eat off it as you know where it has been, I tend to worry with highchairs when were out if they have cleaned properly and who has been in it before with this product all those worries are gone feels very safe and hygenic. Tidy tray is so easy to clean and store folds into its self and is so small takes up no room in his changing bag and easy to put on just unfold and away you go and the sippy cup holder is very good. I reccomend everyone to get this product.

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