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Thrupenny Bits Feeding Pillow

Thrupenny Bits Feeding Pillow
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"Really pretty and useful"

Before I got this product I had an inflatable nursing pillow and I had terrible trouble getting it to the right firmness to allow me to feed my son. This pillow is excellent because the beads inside allow my son to sink in to it and I can easily adjust it to be the correct height for him to feed at. It is so snug I can even feed him hands free, which is really useful. The tie around the waist means that the pillow stays firmly in one place and doesn't move around like most nursing pillows do. I really like the fabric it is made from too. It is a really pretty flower print on one side and pale blue cord on the other. It is of really good quality and extremely well made. I also like the fact that when I have finished breastfeeding or no longer need a nursing pillow I can take the stuffing out and use the outer cover as a bag! A really good and useful idea and makes the pillow even better value for money. It is quite a pricey product, but I found it really useful and because it is of such good quality it is definitely worth the price.

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"great breastfeeding aid!"

i first received the 'thrupenny bit' and got started using it straight away. its a very versatile product, i put it straight over the handles of my pram and set off for the town. it is very comfy, orlaith seemed to be very comfy lying on it, as the beans inside just moulded to her shape. the tie-handles on it made it easy to have orlaith feeding with the pillow tied round my waist leaving me with a free hand to enjoy my lunch with the girls. it is made of a very washable fabric, so baby sick and such-like are not a worry. it is very lightweight, i was able to carry it with me while going on the bus to visit family, which i do three times a week, and its so handy for being caught in awkward places & having to feed. all round i think this product is a great breastfeeding aid, moreso for smaller babies and mothers trying to get the hang of breastfeeding, especially first time mothers.once finished breastfeeding, the beans inside can be removed and its a versatile handbag! some are a bit pricey but most definitely worth the money all round fantabulous product!

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