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Theraline Maternity and Nursing Pillow

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"Brill! Great product and God send!"

I am writing to say what a complete god-send this Thermaline maternity and nursing pillow really is. I'm 29 weeks pregnant and have been unable to get a good nites sleep due to my big bump! I have used this Thermaline pillow every night since I got it and it has really helped! at last I can get a good nights sleep and be comfy! it wraps around your body so can be used to tale the strain off your back and bump. I had bought a cheaper v shaped pillow in the hope this would work but didnt really make my nights rest much better, its def worth paying that bit more and investing in this Thermaline pillow as it is well made, cofy and comes with an attractive washable cover. It contains tiny little beads which are what makes it so comfy, unlike those cheaper pillows on the market. I use it around my back and legs to take the pressure off, it can also be used to prop you up in bed whilst reading, and you can use it to raise your ankles which is good as im getting a bit of fluid retension so helps to raise them up. I looked after my friends son joshua yesterday and thought whilst feeding him his bottle I would use the Thermaline nursing pillow and try it out for feeding. It was really helpful as Joshua is a rather big baby and its a strain to sit and support him whilst feeding, but however with this pillow it was extreamlly comfy and no bother at all and I think Josh liked it too! Cant wait to use it for myself when my daughty is born for breastfeeding her. This Thermaline pillow as I say is a god send and it will def get plenty of use, I would highly reccommend to any mother who is pregnant and in need so a decent nites sleep or mothers who need comfort whilse nursing their babys. Well worth the money! Brilliant product! Thank you Thermaline!

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"The Big V! Very Versatile, Comfortable and Innovative! "

The Theraline Maternity and Nursing Pillow is not something I would normally think of going out and buying. I would usually struggle through my pregnancy trying to prop myself with pillows, duvet, etc. unsucessfully trying to sleep. I am now 23 weeks pregnant with my fourth child and the Theraline Maternity and Nursing Pillow has been amazing. I have no idea how I managed with to sleep without one during my last three pregnancies. The Theraline Maternity and Nursing Pillow is a very innovative pillow that can be positioned in so many ways to make you comfortable. Measuring approx. 75" long and filled with soft, tiny beads. It takes your body shape and stays there without springing back into shape if you get up for any reason. It's like a giant pillow with an amazing memory for your comfort. When I got this pillow the different possibilities and uses for it began to run through my mind. Of course there was the fact I could use this to help me sleep through my pregnancy and while breastfeeding my new baby. After breastfeeding my other three children each until they were 18 months old this pillow would have been a godsend at the time. But I have found other uses too. My two year old son loves to use it like a beanbag for when he is watching his favourite tv programme, we read books together laying on the pillow as it is big enough for us both, It would be a great support for a young baby first learning to sit. I would even continue to use this to sleep with when I am no longer pregnant as the comfort it offers is excellent. Theraline offer a fantastic range of different pillow cases for this with many to suit differnt styles and tastes. I would recommend buying more than one case along with your pillow as you will have one to replace while you wash the other as the pillow should always be used with a cover. I was amazed to read in the instructions that the entire pillow is machine washable and can be used in a tumble drier. Although I haven't washed mine yet this will easily fit in a standard washing machine. Although the pillow is large it is very lightweight and can be stored quite easily either folded and placed in the plastic it came in or I have found it looks great as a modern throw pillow at the top of my bed. Although this pillow can be a little expensive I do think after all the uses it could be used for you definately get your moneys worth and then some. So offers great value for your money with a great quality product. I would definately recommend buying the Theraline Maternity and Nursing Pillow to anyone! It offers irrestible comfort even if you are not pregnant or breastfeeding.

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"great post op item too"

i bought this pillow after lots of consideration as i was going into hospital for a total hysterectomy and the price sort of put me off incase it was more of a maternity pillow but this pillow has been my best friend since ive had op done its ideal and i really cant say how much its helped me it soft and very huggable i got a cover for it so this is easy to take off and wash my children now all fight over whos having a turn when im not using it great product not just for maternity and nursing but for recovering too

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"A fabulous investment!"

I love this pillow! It is so soft and mouldable that it means I can feed my beautiful baby comfortably in practically any position. It's bigger than my previous nursing pillows and yet the size does not make it any harder to manipulate; in fact this makes it easier to use. When you pick it up it moves with a silky movement that means it's dead easy to grab quickly and position. I use it to feed Caitlin, to lay Caitlin on when she's asleep and as a bolster when she's asleep on the sofa or bed. It's brilliant, the best and only nursing pillow you'll ever need.

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