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The Wilkinet Baby Carrier

The Wilkinet Baby Carrier
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Me and my husband tried out a few different slings and carriers before we settled on this on. I am 5ft 3in and my husband is 6ft and a lot of the carriers we tried were comfortable for one of us but not the other. The wilkinet, however, was great for both of us and the baby finds it comforable too as she doesn't get to warm and the position is comfortable for her too. One problem is they are not available in many places as most places stock baby bjorn etc. The other problem is they look quite complicated at first but once you get the hang of it it's fine.

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"So comfortable!"

This is our second carrier and has been so useful! The main thing about it is that because you tie it around yourself, it always fits perfectly. it is very comfortable to wear, with no aches and pains afterwards. Our little girl seems very happy in it!It washes easily and seems to be standing the test of time very well too! It is a bit tricky to put on initially, and because there is a lot of material to wrap around yourself, you do need to be careful not to trip over it. I wouldn't recommend this if you are wanting to use it in a hurry or somewhere where you haven't got space to lay your baby down - e.g. if you want to put your baby in it from the car. We have done this, but it is a bit harder - we much prefer putting our baby in it from home and going out from there.

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"life saver!"

WOW this is brilliant! I thought it was a little expensive but its so worth the money. My baby wants to be picked up all the time and this has made things so much easier, I can just put her in the carrier and get on with things in the house. Its great for when Im out and about and I dont want to take to pram, its so much easier doing the shopping as you have 2 free hands to use. The carrier is very easy to put on and to take off. The website shows you exactly how to use the carrier (which is really useful)the first couple of times was a bit tricky and I also felt like I needed to hold onto the baby but I was just a bit wary and you dont need to hold on to the baby at all, now its really easy. The carrier is really comfy to wear it does not dig into your shoulders, or feel heavy. I would definitely recommend a wilkinet carrier.

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"Look Ma! No hands!!!"

My husband tried this carrier out when we were 6 months pregnant and immediately felt confident and very comfortable when he was shown how to use it at the Baby Show last October. I'd had spinal surgery (L4/L5) so we knew that the carrier we chose would have to be kind to my back, easy to use and easy to remove the baby without causing any discomfort. The Wilkinet Carrier came up trumps! The design really does disperse the baby's weight and my posture has remained quite good. Ppl have commented that I'm not hunched over when I'm wearing it. At the moment, I've still got baby facing me but will soon be wearing it with him facing out so he can see things around us when we go out. Nathan's coming up to 5 months soon and he's growing alot so we will also be looking at using it on the back. I'm sure he'll get a real kick out of that! Again, a gem of a find!!!

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