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The Tickle Fingers Toddler Cookbook

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"Fantastic, fun cookbook for kids"

This is such a lovely cookbook with stacks of information about why cooking with toddlers is so important. As an early years teacher myself I was particularly impressed with how the information ties in with the Early Years curriculum. But even more important, this book is fun and I know is going to help me to create wonderful memories with my daughter. Some of my best memories as a child involve being in the kitchen with my mum! The recipes are all really easy to follow and it's made clear if they are very simple or a bit more challenging. I have a baby who is just about to start weaning and as we are going to do baby led weaning, I'm really excited to try some of these recipes for her! I'm even more excited about being able to make them with her in the not too distant future! At the back of the book they have included a handy conversion chart, an allergy chart and a quick guide to what recipes can be used with what leftovers you may have. All ready handy and well thought out for a busy mum or dad. I'd recommend this book to all parents and know I won't stop using it when my child reaches 4 - they will be recipes I will continue to use for a long time.

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"Love this book"

This book starts off with an introduction into why you should cook with toddlers and how to go about it. Cooking with a toddler sounded like a nightmare to me but this book gives you ideas on how to make it easy and hassle free. The recipes are categorised by breakfast, snacks, lunch or dinner recipes and each one is rated either easy peasy or one of 2 slightly more complicated levels. I have a 2 year old so have only tried easy peasy ones and they all use only a few ingredients, nothing raw or dangerous for the baby to eat and with only a few steps. So far weve made cookies and flapjacks and they were lovely. The book also talks about different schemas i.e. ways in which toddlers prefer to play and each recipe relates to a different schema or 2 so you can find recipes that will really appeal to your toddler based on the way they like to play. There is also an allergy guide and guide to measurements. I also have an 8 year old who likes to cook but has no patience with longer recipes so Im sure I will use it with him too! I would definitely recommend this book and look forward to using it more in the near future.

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"Almost perfect"

I really love this book. The author has really taken time to think about recipes which can realistically be made with a toddler and she gives practical advice on how to have fun while doing it. For example, prepping some things in advance and laying all the things you need out before getting your child involved. It sounds so basic but I've always been too spontaneous with cooking with my son and then a power struggle ensues because I have to take over chopping, frying, etc and he loses control and/or interest. The range of recipes is great and I love that she includes an allergy guideline for each one (my son has dairy and egg allergies which discounts huge volumes of other famous cookbooks aimed at children). I also loved the idea of linking cooking to schemas-it's not something I had thought about before but it makes so much sense. There are two small points that prevent me from giving this book full marks. Firstly, a few recipes call for shop bought quick fixes (pasta sauce for example), which I think sends a less healthy message (they have a lot of salt and sugar in them). I totally appreciate that busy mums don't have time to pre-make sauces for the recipes but maybe that makes a case for not having these particular recipes in a book like this. Secondly, a small number of the recipes call for already cooked ingredients (e.g a cooked potato or some cooked sausages). In the preface the author mentions using up leftovers in recipes but if you don't happen to have a spare leftover potato then you have to pre-cook one for the recipe. This is not factored into the 'parent prep' section for each recipe (which I otherwise LOVE and think is a great idea...). All in all, a lovely book that has given me lots of ideas.

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"Excellent cookbook!"

This is such a great cookbook full of really good meal and snack ideas that toddlers can help to make! I often struggle for ideas of what to make my son for lunch an snacks and this book has been so useful! It is also good for giving ideas for activities to do with toddlers on rainy days, my 21month old really enjoyed helping me make shortbread! The book has a very useful code for allergy advice which I found particularly useful with my sons egg allergy and it gives advice on which recipes you can use, substitute or avoid. Would be a really useful book to have around for any parent and couldn't recommend it more!

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"Great ideas for toddler food"

My four year old and I have really enjoyed making some of the recipes from this book. The recipes are well thought out and simple enough to make sure little ones can have a hands on experience and really feel like they are the chefs. There is a good variety of recipes from meals to snack and treats so there's always something we can rustle up together. I particularly liked the intro and background story to the book and I needed the little reminder not to step in and take over. Embrace the mess, it's worth it!

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"Such a fun way to get kids into the kitchen"

Me and my 3 year old love getting this book out to use! With having a fussy eater it helps me include him in what's being made and gets him to be more involved and therefore I find he eats dinner more readily.

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"Love it!"

I always struggle to know what to make with my toddler so this recipe book is perfect. Very easy to follow and has given me so many ideas of what to make with him. The great thing is a lot of the recipes are easy to make and really tasty too! I feel it's a book that will last us a long time even when my son is no longer a toddler. The book is very attractive to look at, the sections are divided up into easy to read pages and has a great design that keeps my toddler interested. Even if we aren't using the recipes my toddler loves to look through it.

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"A fun and easy to read cookbook!"

I have thoroughly enjoyed using this book to cook meals with my son. The meals are practical and easy to make with a toddler. It's excellent that an allergy guide has been included, given how many children there are with allergies, who often miss out! If I could make one criticism, it would be that I don't like it tells you to buy ready-made sauces etc. in a few of the recipes. I actively avoid giving these to my toddler, given how full of salt and sugar they are. All in all, a brilliant cookbook for a toddler - it's great that he gets to help me in the kitchen!

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"Excellent fun and good for allergies"

Really enjoyed using this book with my son. He has loved it too, the pages are bright and engaging for a little one with lots of pictures and images. Has an excellent layout showing difficulty and time involved with each recipie. Also shows what skills your little one will use/improve by helping you with the recipe. What impressed me the most was the clear key showing recipes which are suitable for people needing to avoid certain foods- much easier than having to read through each ingredient list to spot allergens! The recipes are really tasty too, great for family meals. No need to cook separate meals for the adults a little ones :-)

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"Lovely book, engaging, fun & yummy "

I thought that cooking with my 18 month old toddler would be an absolute nightmare however this book has practical fun filled recipes that allow your child to explore with different foods and textures whilst being creative. The book is colourful and engaging and contains lots of pictures which helped hold Isabella's attention. I got everything prepped and out ready so that 100% of my attention could be on Isabella and her cooking experience which meant that everything ran more smoothly. One thing that I absolutely love about this book is that all of the recipes use either ready to eat or already cooked foods so you don't have to worry about your child touching raw meat and then putting their little fingers in their mouths. The cookbook is excellent for parents with children who suffer with allergies; the author uses a very clear key to show any possible foods that may need to be avoided which makes it much easier than having to read through every recipe to find any possible allergens. My child is a good eater and will pretty much chow down on anything you place in front of her but I think if you have a fussy child this could be a great tool to get them more involved and trying more things. Isabella was even more excited to eat her tea after being involved in the making of it! There is one negative point that I picked up on from a couple of the recipes and that is the fact that a couple of them include the use of pre-jarred sauces which we as a family avoid due to high content of sugar and salt. I do appreciate that for parents they may be an easy quick fix when making a quick tea and having a million other things to do but I don't think it takes very long to knock up for example a basic tomato sauce. I would definitely recommend this book to other mummies and daddies.

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"A real hoot!"

I was dubious at first...thinking "oh no, not another infant cookery book". But I soon had to eat (excuse the pun) my words as this cookery book is fantastic. The book is very easy to flick through and offers great information which links to baby / toddler development which is very interesting. As very easy methods and ingredient lists. Useful photos and bright and clear photography. I am so impressed with this book that I am buying 4 x copies for friends who have little children. It really is a great buy, full of easy to follow recepies.

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"Great for childcare practitioners"

Aside from having two beautiful children of my own, I am a former nanny, currently managing a playgroup. We often do cooking activities with the children and love finding new recipes to engage them. I love how this book explains how cooking impacts early-years learning, and clearly outlines all the development matters statememts (pg16-19) - its fantastic!! There's lots of really interesting and useful information to read about before you start with any recipes. The children I look after loved making the cheesy biscuits.. and they tasted yummy too! My daughter is 6 and enjoyed looking at the recipes in this book. She chose to make Sausage pasta bake, which was "easy peasy" she had fun making it and told me it tasted "the nicest pasta I ever tasted" - I think that's possibly to do with the fact that she made it!! :-) A lovely book, would definitely recommend! My next challenge is to try a recipe with my 18month old.. what could go wrong :)

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"Taking the stress out of cooking with children"

I'm not going to lie - I get serious anxiety at the thought of cooking/baking with my strong willed children. Social media has a very good way of making it look like a dream and the best way to claim a mum of the year award. In reality all I picture is me trying to measure out flour & sugar whilst my 3 year old adds eggshell to the mix - nice crunchy cakes. When this book first arrived I loved the design and flicking through all the recipes it was set out nicely and easy to read and understand. There is a great section at the front of the book which explains everything and the structure of her recipes and why cooking with children is great. I thought I would bite the bullet and give it a go! Starting with Carrot Cakes. With the help of my 3 year old. As simple as it sounds I never used to prep before starting to bake with my boy we always used to get too excited, bound into the kitchen and let the madness begin. He used to grab everything in sight and add in to the recipe. Each recipe has a section that explain what should be prepped by an adult before hand. I have now taught myself to not tell him what we are doing beforehand and just sneak off prep everything and then bring him through. That way I can fully focus on what we have in front of us and he doesn't get impatient. The book labels the effort level of each recipe so you can fit the recipe to your child's mood that day. I have since tried to pick a recipe each week and even if it doesn't taste as planned my boys love trying the food they have made. Highly recommend this book and really hope it does well!

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"Great ideas"

This is a refreshing take in a cool book! Making it easy to know exactly what to prep before my little man gets involved! Knowing the effort level is amazing, I can plan something simple and quick or something more difficult when we have more time and my boy is really in the mood! I'm a little addicted to knowing exactly what benefit my boy gets out of everything he does - so the development links are perfect for me. However if u just want a quick cook reference this book is also easy to flick though and find what u want. I would definitely recommend to mummies and daddies!

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