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The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan

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"Some good tips and ideas to help your baby sleep"

I am a fan of routines for babies and have followed them with both my children. This book seems to follow a lot of the same advice as another well known routine but i feel is a bit more relaxed. The author claims if you follow the routine your baby will sleep through from 8 weeks and i am a little sceptical about this. That aside there is a lot of good information about breastfeeding with helpful questions and answers. The author has a set of 'Golden rules' to follow at the end of each chapter and the chapters are broken down in to 'sleep' 'feeding' implementing the plan' 'week to week expectations and advice' 'sleeping techniques' and 'reflux'. The author seems to believe that a lot of problems stem from reflux and devotes a fair bit of the book to this. She also doesn't follow the clock but believes in following a regular sequence of feeds and sleep. If you are a mum who likes routine then i think this book is probably worth a look through as in my opinion it is somewhere in between Gina Ford and the Baby Whisperer as it isn't quite as rigid as one but has more of a routine than the other! I can see that if followed would work but perhaps not as quick as the author claims and as with most routines i think you would probably need to take bits and adapt to suit you and your baby as some things i agreed with her on such as a good bedtime routine and not becoming obsssed with the clock but some i didn't agree with such as NEVER waking a sleeping baby at night as she is very against dream feeds and in my personal opinion and experience dream feeds are great. However i would recommend this to any expecting mum who likes routine and think it would appeal and may work for you.

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I never put a strict routine in place for my little one, a routine just clicked as we went along, but reading this book i realised it is very similar to my ideas. I would never go out and buy a book like this, but it was very intersting and had some good ideas. If i had had it before my little girl was born it may have been some use! It talks about every aspect of bedtime from what your child should wear to bed and where your child should sleep, breastfeeding and bottle feeding, etc. It wsa a very good book, but as i said i would never go out and buy a book like this.

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"some handy hints"

This book had some useful tips, however it is not a book I would go out and buy. I may of used some of the ideas before but my son is now 6 months so he is already in a good routine so I did not find it that handy.It would be a nice gift for somebody who is expecting or has a newborn.

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"some useful tips"

This is a very easy to follow book and has some good ideas which I think would be particularly useful to first time mums like myself. Some of the advice is very similar to that given in other books but I did like the captions throughout the book from mums sharing their success with the plan. My son has been a very good sleeper since he was born so it wasn't really possible to put the suggested routines into practice. Having said that, he is still very young and I would try the section on 'Reassurance sleep training' if we have any issues with sleep in the future.

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"Good book, although much the same as any other sleep book"

I had a quick flick through the book and it was very helpful, although my baby has always been a good sleeper so havent been able to try any of the advice. I have given the book to my friend who has a trouble sleeper and she said it was a good book but much the smae as all the others.

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"What a life-saver!"

I read this book with great scepticism. I'm not a fan of books that tell you how to look after kids - surely it should just come naturally?! I've always just gone with instinct. However, my baby girl was still awake and cluster feeding until midnight every night. This book gave me some great tips and some gentle reminders, that I perhaps should have remembered from my elder child. I gained an extra 4 hours sleep from my baby within 2 days and after 2 weeks, she went to sleep at 7pm and stayed that way until 7am. What a fantastic book. Every mother should read it. Its easy to read, quick and can be used as a reference book for a quick flick through or read cover to cover, depending on how you feel. Brilliant. I can't recommend it enough!!!

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"A diluted Gina Ford, but handle with care . . ."

I am not against routine-led baby raising, in fact now I am on my 3rd baby it's a necessity to have some structure to the day, as such I approached this book with a sense of optimism and positivity. At first I was quite agreeable with the author, she is easier to follow than Gina Ford, the routine still allows you to live your life as you want to, unlike Gina Ford whom many women find is over-prescriptive. My concern however surrounds some of her advice relating to such issues as the 'back-to-sleep' campaign and other measures to avoid cot death. Scott-Wright quite clearly, and more than once, says that there is no need to put the baby to sleep on their back and in fact babies prefer to sleep on their front/side (though to be fair she strongly advocates the use of baby mattress monitors). Again I agree that babies are happier sleeping on their tummies, but there has been a marked decrease in SIDS since the back-to-sleep campaign, so this surely outweighs any supposed benefits of tummy sleeping. Similarly, when discussing co-sleeping, (I often fall asleep with my baby in bed with me when feeding) I did not notice any of the usual warnings regarding to not sharing a bed if you've been drinking/smoking/excessively tired etc One of my massive gripes is that she questions the benefits of breast-feeding, suggesting that with the proliferation of chemicals in modern day life, maybe breast milk isn't so healthy. Having been openly chastised for breast-feeding in public (I am terribly discreet by the way) I find it very upsetting to read this, and totally disagree! I would NEVER recommend this book to anyone, it's too dangerous, it's taken 10 years to get the message out, maybe one day qualified medical testing and experience will show that the steps we are all taking are unnecessary, but until then, let's err on the side of caution . . . even if it means a few less hours of sleep a night :o) ------------------------------------------------------------------- Editor Comment: TheBabyWebsite supports the Back To Sleep campaign Read More About Cot Death Here and Breastfeeding. -------------------------------------------------------------------

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