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The Pregnancy and Baby Book

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"Must Have For Anyone With Children"

With my oldest daughter aged 10 now, I have looked at many parenting books but when 'The Pregnancy and Baby Book' arrived i was surprisingly very impressed. It's not the smallest of books, but with its informative and easy the understand pages, it made easy reading. The book it very easy on the eye with colourful pictures throughout, with useful tips and idea's. I really like the pregnancy guide, i was able to track the size of my baby at certain weeks, show my other children images and use the size guide to show them how big their sister currently is in my tum. I am overall really impressed with this book and will be using it for years to come, the book contains lots of great features from fussy eaters and potty training, right through to ideas for play or bedtime. I will definately be recommending this book to friends who are trying for a baby, pregnant or have babies/toddlers already. The book can seem costly but with the great advice and considering it will be used for years to come,this is a great investment for any parent or carer. Highly Recommended!

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"Excellent "

I have recently given birth to my daughter and have just received The Pregnancy and Baby Book, i was very surprised at how in depth the book was. I was given an NHS book called birth to 5 with my other children, but it wasnt until they were a bit older, so wanted something to read now. The book covers a wide range of information from pregnancy issues through to toddler issues. I would definatly recommend it to any new parent. Although would have liked a bit more on breastfeeding as there was only one page on this.

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"Fantastic "

This is a fantastic book and by far one of the best pregnancy and baby books i have seen. I love that it explains your pregnancy in great detail without pages and pages of in depth reading, instead with short captions and illustrations. This book is great to use with both my 18 month old and during my current pregnancy and as it goes up to 3 years old it will still be used for a while yet. A little bit on the pricey side but overall a fantastic book and one to defiantly recommend to others.

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"Excellent book!"

Book was a lot more in-depth with lots more tips and information than you can find online or through doctors/midwives. I even learnt new things and I am onto my third pregnancy! Would have loved to have been bought this book whilst pregnant with my first child as it would have helped immensely! Would consider buying as a nice gift for a first time mum

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"Best Baby book ever"

This is the best pregnancy and childcare book I have ever read! This is the only book you will need from pregnancy through to toddler stage. Do not let the size of the book scare you as I think that is what also makes it a good book as some of the smaller book can overload you with information on each page you turn and look crammed. This book is very different the soft colours make it appealing to look at and the layout of the pages and Information make for very easy and digestable reading. I have a 8 week old baby and a 2 and 1/2 year old and this book has all the information, ideas and help I need for both children. I am also breastfeeding and was having a little difficulty with my baby latching on but this book gives you advice and details how you know your baby is latching on and feeding properly. I enjoyed reading about different cultures beliefs in relation to chidcare and the different parenting theories. This book is great for toddler stage also in giving some baking and play ideas for your toddler. This is the best pregnancy to toddler boo I have read and I wont be needing to purchase any other ones. This book has it all and like I already said it is easy to read from page to page and its very diverse. Would not recommend another book although I do think it is a little pricey but the quality and content is of high standard.

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"Very informative"

This book is excellent. It covers all stages of pregnancy right up to age 3. The way it is laid out makes it really easy to just dip in and out of as you need. There is something in it for when you have just 5 minutes spare or an hour to sit and read. I particularly enjoyed the references to other cultures and traditions around birthing and labour. There are lots of interesting facts in this book and it's coverage is very comprehensive. At the very end of the book there is a section on having another baby and how to manage with one child whilst pregnant again which is something I haven't seen in other books.

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"Fabulous reading "

I was so excited to be receiving this book. As a first time mum I have found this book invaluable and will help me for a few years to come still. I have also borrowed it to my other sister who became a new mum. The book is a hard back which is needed in my household and full of so much information and pictures. It is easy to read and understand and put into practice. The book price states £25.99 but not sure i would have paid this myself in the beginning but after having this book for over a month, it has more than paid for itself and I would consider this as a gift for a new baby or babyshower in the future.

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"Very informative, all you need to know"

I found this book so informative and perfect for all mums whether you are pregnant with your first baby or have questions about your toddler. It answers most questions you could ever possibly think of and doesn't appear to leave any stone unturned. I like how the book is set out and would definitely recommend. The only downside I would say is the price. Although the book is very good, £25 would be slightly more than what I would like to pay.

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"great value for money"

This book is jam packed with lots of tips and info. Anything you can think of or needs answers to this book has it. Definitely worth the money and a brilliant read for all types of parents. Highly recommended

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