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The Good Birth Companion

The Good Birth Companion
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"Amazing must read"

Once I had my 20 week scan I felt I needed to get prepared for the 'big event'. I am a worrier who gets really nervous and has little confidence at times in my own ability. Therefore I was panicking I would not be able to cope thinking about it let alone actually giving birth! This book changed all that, it is excellent at putting your mind at ease and reminding you that giving birth is the most natural thing in the world. I wasn't nervous about the birth and even looked forward to it. I used the techniques for my labour and managed to get to 10cm in the birthing pool with just gas and air. If it wasn't for my nosey little man turning his head last minute and my water breaking 24 hours before hand we'd have had the ideal birth. The advise is so sensible it all makes sense and I even had comments from family at how calm I was throughout the whole experience. I thank this book and have now lent it to my brother's girlfriend due in Sept, who texts me after each chapter thanking me for the book. It's a friend in print a must read for any new mums.

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"Highly recommended"

Even though I have already given birth twice I found this book really useful and very informative. The way it has been written made it easy to read and made me want to read more not just flick through to the parts I wanted to read. I would recommend it to both first time mums/dads-to-be and also mums/dads-to-be who already have children.

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"Well Presented and Easy to follow and Understand."

I can't praise this book enough. The way it is written by Nicole Croft is an easy to follow way where she clearly shares her very wide knowledge and experiences from her many roles such as a Doula, Active Birth Centre Asssociate and Yoga during pregnancy teacher. The informative way in which she writes isn't direct at the reader,and doesn't give them information overload which I have found quite a lot of pregnancy and labour books are wrote in a way which almost tells you the do's and don'ts of such things. Nicole describes and explores many different aspects of all the topics she covers in this book, again which makes it an informal book, easy to follow, easy to read, and I can honestly say I have managed to read almost all of it as its been difficult to put down. Coincidentaly I am also due on the 29th May so not too far away, and can honestly say it has given me a few things to think about for the looming birth of my second baby. I would definately recommend this book to expectant mums and dads. Its modern and refreshing on all of the older factual style books which are out there on the shelves. I will be passing this on to the sister in law who is due her first later on this year. 5 Stars from me.

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