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"Good when kids won't eat fruit"

I have tried 3 of the Fruit Factory Products, and whilst overall my opinion of them is positive, I prefer some to others. See individual comments below: Fruit Wheels: I wasn't a massive fan of this product. My daughter enjoyed the fun element of the product, however, I tried one, and found it a little too tough and chewy, and so I prefer the other products in the range to this one. Sports Mixup: These were much better than the Fruit Wheels, and if you really can't get fruit down your child, this alternative is better than nothing. I gave some to my daughter and she had no idea that they were not sweets until we told her. That said, I am kind of against the idea that fruit should be disguised. Our children eat fruit and are educated of the benefits of eating fruit, and so whilst the oldest sometimes does so in protest, we prefer to use real fruit, and we make a game of it by counting the 5 a day. Fruit boxes: we also tried the standard fruit boxes. These are much the same as many available on the market, and so we found them to be quite expensive. That said, these were the only variety that we gave to our 1 year old son. He is currently very good with eating fruit and so we didnt want him to get into the habit of eating the sweet variety for fear of him then refusing real fruit! All in all, this is a great range for children who will not eat fruit, although for us, there is no substitute for the real thing!

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"Delicious snacks for adults and children!"

MY children have been trying the fruit wheels, sports mix up and fruit boxes. My children were so excited to open the box and see the familiar packaging. The portion sizes in each pack was generous, enough to satisfy even an adult's sweet tooth. Our personal favourites were the sports mix up, containing really fruity shaped pieces that were devoured in seconds! The fruit wheels were fun to eat, having to unwind the long string! And the fruit boxes were perfect emergency snacks for my daughters bag. I would definitely buy these with my weekly shop and highly recommend all products!

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"Handy to have around"

My daughter was really impressed with these. They make a great alternative to sweets and were a handy snack to put in her school bag for days that she is with a childminder after school. The packaging on the sports packs in particular really made them seem like sweets and I'd much rather she have these instead. She had gone off raisins but really enjoyed these as they were mixed with other fruits. I will definitely buy these products in the future.

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"Healthy Snack"

To say my daughter is not keen on fruit is an understatement! We have tried the fruit factory fruit boxes before but she's still not keen. With the Strawberry Wheels and Sports Mix Ups it was a completely different story.....she absolutely loved them. She just thought she was eating sweets so I could take a little comfort in the fact that she was actually getting a healthier snack.

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"Great snacks "

These are great Especially for children that want sweets - a sneaky way to get them to eat fruit and make them think it's sweets

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my older 2 loved them but my younger ones hated them but they hate fruit :/. my older daughter i had to take them off her has she couldnt stop eating them. the only thing i found was they were hard to open prob a good thing in one way . yes i prob would buy them again.

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"Good Products"

The Fruit Wheel was a little rubbery and lacked much flavour unless all eaten at once so would not purchase this again. The Sports Mix Up were full of flavour, much better and we all really liked them. I did find however that there was not an even distribution of flavours in each pack some not having any variety at all. I would buy these again though as they were good. Finally the Sultana/Raisins etc they were all great very handy and very tasty. I like the fact that there were little to no additives in them. I would buy these most definitely again and highly recommend them.

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"Kids LOVE these"

Well what can I say:- The raisins and sultana boxes my son adores and they are very handy for those snack times. The Sports Mix are fantastic, full of flavour , my kids think they are having a treat , and they are but its a healthier alternative. The Fruit Rolls my older daughter (7) enjoys but I find they are very tough in texture and my son (3) really struggled to chew these. Overall lovely healthier treats that keeps the children happy :-)

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"great value for money"

Kids really enjoyed these and have had them in there lunch box daily. I tasted them and they were yummy

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"Great value for money "

I would highly recommend this product. went down well in our house even my 3 year old couldn't get enough of the sultanas and dried fruit. Package was bright and fun for the kids,great flavours and taste, would definitely pay the retail price for this, great variety of flavours.

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"Good healthier snack"

We've tried three products from 'The Fruit Factory' Strawberry fruit wheels: We (my son included) found these to be the least tastiest and very rubbery, if the whole wheel was eaten in one go, the wheel became tastier, however this is not ideal! Sports mix up: These were by far the best, they were tasty with lots of flavour and a great substitute for sweets, my son enjoyed them and so did we and I will definitely be purchasing these as a snack for my children in the future. However these are not a replacement for fruit as they are still high in sugar (even if is natural sugars) and should only be eaten as part of a healthy diet; this should be made clearer in the advertising. Mini snack box: My son and husband both enjoyed these and liked the mix between the three flavours (Apple and sultana, Apricot and raisin and Raisin and Sultana) these are a healthy snack and do count as one of your five a day. Great to throw in my handbag for something quick. However there are other items like this on the market so competitive pricing will help. Overall The Fruit Factory have some very good products which are more natural and healthier than many sweets and snacks on the market and I would definitely recommend 2/3 of these products.

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"great way to get fruit into you children"

The boys loved these sweets (and don't think they getting fruit) my boys are 6 and 3. They both loved the sports mix they 75% fruit and the winders, they 70% fruit which is great, as my youngest wont eat fruit, but they don't know that this is really not sweeties :) My youngest wasn't to' keen on the lunchbox snacks, but oldest loves them in his packet lunch. I will defo be buying these again, and would recommend to other mums and dads.

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