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"Lovely journal."

Love this journal and can't wait to start using this when my baby arrives. I have already started to jot bits and bibs in there. Can't wait to be able to sit back in a couple of years time and read everything I have wrote.

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"Good book"

I can't wait to start using this book, it has everything you could possibly need in it from example routines, hospital bag checklists and blank note pages. The only thing I would say as it's story book size the pages for the photos are quite small,smaller then photo size but I won't be using those pages anyway. Brilliant book, I also like the fact it's put together by a mum who knows what a good book needs. Worth the money.

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"Great all round "

Great looking book, loads of different spaces to add all the memories and plans in. Looking forward to starting to fill it up!! Would make a great gift

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"Good but too heavy on religion"

A very nice looking and easy to handle book, that has nice categories and has a quality feel to it. In this digital age, it prompts you to create a physical record - rather than just relying on 'the cloud' to store everything. However, the book is written by someone who is very religious and the religious tones throughout the book will not fit in with many younger couples, who choose to raise their child without religion. Overall a lovely book, that highlights key moments that you should record.

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"Lovely gift for first time mum"

This is different to other baby books that you buy to fill in for baby. You get hints and tips along the way through the book, what is needed for a newborn etc. I think a first time mum would like this, maybe as a baby shower gift. I am expecting twins so it may be a little more tricky for me to fill this in, space would be tight for 2 pictures, 2 sets of first smiles etc, maybe the author could make a twin version?! I like the fact it's hardback and the bright blue would draw the eye in a shop. I would buy this as a gift for a first time mum.

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"Beautiful Record Book"

This is a lovely book which is both a keepsake and a good advice and record book too. I love its retro design and the way it is designed and laid out to walk and talk you through your first few weeks and months with your baby. It would be particularly good for first time parents who aren't necessarily into using apps but would prefer a more traditional, pen and paper, approach to both preparing for birth and the first few weeks. The layout and order of the book seems very logical and a great way of getting ones thoughts together prior to birth and then in the first few weeks and months. There is lots of places for photos to be attached too, it really would be a nice thing to complete and add to your baby keepsake box to look back on for years to come. Unfortunately it wasn't right for me personally being a twin Mum as there is only space for details of one baby, but I don't at all blame the book for that as I would need to buy a specialist twin record book, but this book as made me think that I might look for one which works for me as it is just so lovely. I also think it would make a wonderful baby-shower gift and at the RRP of £12.99 it has a really reasonable price too for how thorough it is.

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"Lovely book"

This book is a really lovely keepsake to look back on when baby is grown up, lots of places for pictures and special memories to treasure. Also handy tips and hints along the way, which is a great idea. Can't wait to fill it up when my baby arrives.

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"Fantastic book"

This book is fantastic for keeping a record of your experiences through pregnancy and into motherhood. There are plenty of hints and tips which I found useful. I especially liked the layout and the amount of room given for pictures. This would be ideal as a baby shower gift.

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