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Teetha by Nelsons

Teetha by Nelsons
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Teething can be a tricky time, particularly for first-time parents who may be unfamiliar with the symptoms. If your little one is cutting new teeth, try Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules, a homeopathic medicinal product used within the homeopathic tradition for the symptomatic relief of teething pain and the symptoms associated with teething which are sore and tender gums, flushed cheeks and dribbling.

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"Love it.."

I cannot say enough how much I love this product. My daughter had really bad teething pain when her molars were coming out, and this teething powder, as well as calpol made it much easier for her to deal with the pain. I love the granulated texture of this, as it gives my daughter a texture she can feel n taste...

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"Teetha Works!"

Like lots of mums I don't particularly like giving medicines to my little ones although needs must when they've got a temperature and the Calpol comes out obviously. Teething is a natural process and I've always preferred to treat my children as 'naturally' as possible when they're been teething. Number 4 baby Harry (usually placid) has been suffering with his teeth coming through these past few months and I've used the Teetha Granules which I bought in Boots but I assume you can buy them in other shops too. He has definitely been crying less and as far as I can tell it's been working for him. (Another thing I like to do is put his favourite chewy teether in the fridge and that helps too without a doubt! We're Sophie The Giraffe fans here too!)

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"Teetha seems to do the job!"

Loads of my friends have used Teetha and suggested I try it as my latest lo has been so miserable with his teeth, particularly in the nights. (You should see the bags under my eyes!!) I wouldn't say it's brilliant as it doesn't seem to work every time we use it but generally It seems to work for us and is definitely better than some of the other things we've tried in the past with our other two. It's worth trying defintely if you're looking for something to help your baby when teething.

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"A Teething Lifesaver!"

Teething wasn't that much of an issue with my first baby but when he was suffering I always used Teetha though Josh's Sophie the Giraffe Teether was a big help too. :) However my other children had way more trouble teething than baby number 1 and I honestly don't know how we'd have managed without Nelson's Teetha. It's a lifesaver, a godsend (you name it). I recommend it to any parents with teething little ones as it really does work.

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"Teetha does what it says it will do!"

When you're a mum with a teething baby you'll do anything to help them. I literally bought loads of things first time around but Teetha from Nelsons was just about the only teething product I ever bought again..... and again. I tend to give the latest addition to our family her teether, which I keep in the fridge, if she's grizzly in the day but in the evenings I always use Teetha. I like the fact it's a natural product and it's not a bad price either.

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"Definitely worth a try"

my 4 month old has been suffering something awful with his teeth, we've had tried every gel out there and calpol starting to go down a little too wel. I had been told about Ashton and parsons however was having a nightmare finding them anywhere, then found these and reviews seem to be equally as good. They definitely help, my little boy had been having very unsettled sleep due to the pain and these have helped a treat with that, he is now back to sleeping for 1-2 hours during naps. He now opens his mouth as soon as he sees the little white packet, so they are obviously working. My baby is happy again woohoo

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"Worth trying"

Started using these when my little boy was 3 months they seemed to help him cope with teething better and he didn't mind the taste of the granules. You do need to use them every two hours however if they don't appear to be working you can use calpol without having to wait for the granules to wear off.

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"So glad I tried these!"

I recently tried these teething granules for my 4 month old daughter, they really helped to relieve her teething discomfort and reduced the dribbling.

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"Not sure they worked "

I got these recommended for my son of now 13months but I'm not sure they actually helped my son. I was very disappointed as I'd heard how fantastic they had been. The granules were very easy to use and the sachets very handy.

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We've found these sachets brilliant for when our son is struggling with his gums. We've been using them since he was 3 months old. To begin with it was quite difficult to get all the contents into his mouth, however we have now developed a knack for it! He absolutely loves pushing the granules round his mouth and it calms him down a treat. Brilliant for us.

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"Life saver"

Used these from 4 months, my son is now 1. These have been a life saver, work brilliantly! Easy to use and my son loves them!

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"Neither here nor there"

I used these on my 8 month old when I had been given some as I had ran out of teething gel. They weren't very effective and my daughter hated application.

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"Strange to use but does the job for a little longer than most gels"

It seems really strange when you first open a box of Nelsons and you are confronted with little silver packets of white powder. I had expected something the consistency of sugar but it is a fine white powder. I found it quite hard to apply to his gums as you have to open his mouth and depending on how much resistance you get depends on how much and where the powder goes. My first attempt was poor and it went in his mouth, on his chin around his neck and on my hand, none the less after licking the powder myself I did feel the numbing affect first hand. It says on the packet to leave at least two hours between does and you are limited to the number of doses you can give within 24 hours, but most bouts of teething for my son are every other day, so at most I have probably used two sachets at most in one day, more often if we are going out for a couple of hours and I cannot keep applying a gel. It is more expensive with gel and you get less applications, but if you are travelling on holiday and a bout of teething starts it is great for more long term relief.

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"Not very good"

I used these as a last resort after Ashtons & Parsons was un available, but I found they were not very effective at all

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"Good to calm"

These were excellent for calming my son down whilst he was teething they seemed to help him settle and get some rest. They were not the easiest to administer as I found tipping the powder in to a babys mouth quite difficult. Other than that I would recomend.

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"Love them"

I have used lots of different things over the course of my 3 children yet i always come back to these they are the only thing that has worked for all 3 of the children.They have gone up a fair bit in the 10 years since i first started buying them but it is worth shelling out as cheaper stuff just doesn't work and you will spend more money trying lots different "new" things than if you just bought these in the first place.

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"cant live without! "

After not being able to get hold of "the" other brand, we got these. I'm pretty new to this teething thing, my son is 18months and only got 3 teeth! I was worried that they might not be as good, but I have to say these are perfect! I can't leave home without them! Great to think you aren't constantly pumping calpol in! They calm almost intstantly, just like the other brand! Plus I prefer the packaging & they are easier to get out! And you can buy these anywhere, from supermarkets to health food shops! Ideal!

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"Baby loves these"

These seem to help my little one with his teething discomfort as he seems to love sucking on the powder and goes very quiet after having them. He's only just starting with signs of teething so time will test if they help him when he's actually cutting his first tooth.

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"does what it intends!"

Not much to say about Teetha except every parent should have a box of these in their cupboard! Works a treat with my little one teething. Really simple to apply and I think my lo likes the taste too!! Defo worth stocking up on ! :)

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"not for us"

although these come highly recommended by alot of friends, my dd just didn't get on with them. she had been using another brand but when there was difficulty getting them we tried this alternative thinking they were pretty much the same, but unfortunately they had no effect whatsoever on my dd

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"Must-Have item"

This is definetely a must-have item for any parent with a teething baby. My little boy suffers very badly & I have found these to work amazingly well in relieving the pain & discomfort of teething. I highly reccomend these.

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"Excellent product"

Excellent product....couldn't live without this product when my first daughter started teething and now with my second daughter who is 4 and a half months I have stocked up already. A simple rub of the powder all over the gums is instant relief for baby. This is one product that should be kept in every mums cupboard!

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