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We've just got back from a weekend break in Lisbon and I've been singing the praises of this beautiful city to all and sundry! We booked the hotel and flights separately as we worked out it was cheaper and flew with TAP Portugal who offered the best timings for us. We were able to get to Lisbon mid-morning on the Friday and leave on the afternoon of the Monday so we maximised our time there. If we'd booked to travel with some of the cheaper airlines, it would have meant departing at stupid o'clock and only having two nights there. Both our flights ran smoothly without any delays or mishaps. We even arrived home nearly half an hour early which was a bonus! Checking-in online, doing the bag-drop at the airport and even going through Security went smoothly with no queuing whatsoever. The TAP check-in desks seemed to be amongst the only ones with no queues! Brilliant. The whole TAP team seemed super-efficient, both at the airport and on-board the plane, the snack provided was good and the only thing that marred the break was the fact that too many people were flouting the 'one small handbag and a flight bag' rule and so spent too long faffing around trying to fit their stuff in the overhead compartments. Would we fly with TAP Portugal again? Of course we would. It's probably the most efficient airline we've ever travelled with!

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