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Tag Junior by LeapFrog

Tag Junior by LeapFrog
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"Great but overpriced"

My son absolutely loves books and being read too so the tag junior is great for him. I love the fact it asks the child questions on every page to point to something eg where is the yellow sun, and tells them when they get it right. My son also loves that it says his name when you turn it on and off, i didnt realise until i logged onto the tag junior website that you could even do that. It took him no time at all to get the hang of what to do. I do think its slightly over priced at £30 though as the book that you get in the box isnt as long as books you can buy seperately.

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"Endless fun!"

I was very excited to get the leapfrog tag junior. I had been looking for something educational and easy to carry around ( to take out with my 2yr old )for a while and this seemed perfect! Its a small handheld device that comes ready with one book. You can also purchase other books to use with the device which i have since done. Each book has lots of different activities in it, and at first i thought it may be a little too advanced for my 25 month old.. BUT he loves it! He picked up how to use it straight away and now plays with it everyday. It has even taught him some new words already! An added bonus is that its small and compact and i find it a great distraction for when i go shopping for him to sit and play with and i also take it on car journeys and to hospital visits! The price is also a bonus, with an rrp of 29.99 you cant go wrong! I will definatly be reccomending this product to my friends, and cant wait to see what new things Zak will learn from his leapfrog tag junior! :)

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"Worth every penny"

We got this at christmas when Lacey was 15 months as she is really into her books, she picked up the concept of it really quickly and still plays with it everyday now, she has nearly all the books and the little bag, i think its worth the RRP of £25 that i paid, i look for the books in sales though. Recommended age is 2-4 but i think younger can manage just fine, She has learnt her colours using it and is getting the numbers now too. I would recommend this to anyone with little ones. Its easy to travel with, we take it on the train and in the car. I like how you can programme it to say the child's name, it makes it that bit more special.

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"My daughter liked it!"

When i recieved the Tag Junior to review i was well pleased, as it was something i had been looking at for my daughter for Christmas. When it arrived we had just told dd about the baby in mummy's tummy, so it came as an ideal big sister present. We got it out the packet only to find the dreaded 'Batteries not included', so after sending my other half on an emergency dash to the shop, we got it going. Included was the Tag reader, 1 board book which was 'If i were...' and the cable for connecting up to the pc to download the content of further books and to track your childs progress. The reader is fairly simple to use and is an ideal shape for little hands. My 3 year old had absolutely no problem using it independently. The board book had great colourful pictures and various sounds. Morgan had fun putting the reader on all the different things to see what they had to say. I must say she played away for ages with it on the first occassion and has continued to go back to it on a daily basis. This is something which i find to be a concern with these type of activities, as you can spend so much money only to find your child is not that interested. The Tag junior i believe retails for about £30 for the package we got to test and further books retail at about £10 each. So this could be a pricey activity. The Tag Junior is aimed at ages 2-4 years, My daughter turned 3 in May there and to be honest i feel being at the upper end of the age group its aimed at i wouldnt buy it for her. I do however think that its an excellent concept and had it been around last year i feel my daughter would have got better use from it. I probably will buy my daughter another couple of books for it for Christmas, simply because we have it now and she probably will still enjoy them. Plus ive got one on the way who will get full use of it when the time comes. Overall id say its a good concept, very easy for little hands to use and a bulky design which i would imagine will withstand a few knocks.

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