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SwimBabes Luxury Swim Kit

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"Swimbabes luxury swim kit "

The items received were lovely and of excellent quality. I received: a splash about happy nappy with 5 Huggies disposable swim nappies, a Swimbabes waterproof swim bag, a baby wetsuit a cuddle dry robe. My son happily wore the happy nappy. It appeared comfortable for him and kept the nappy in place without any difficulty. Initially I thought it looked far too big but it fit nicely with plenty of growing room too. The wetsuit, again looked lovely however My son was not so impressed. Unfortunately he did not want to wear it, and despite several attempts to get him to wear it (both clothed and unclothed) he flatly refused. He does however love his swimming bag and cuddle robe and has used them every time he has been swimming. I think the wetsuit was just too unusual for him as he has been swimming since he was around 6 months old. He was not used to having something like this on and I believe it just did not feel right for him. This said however I do think that the product is excellent quality and if he had been younger, or not so used to swimming he may have been more amenable to wearing it. I do feel the product is very pricy, and although a very nice product, and excellent quality, I do not think it is something I could afford to purchase.

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