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Sweet Dreamers Ewan Snuggly

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"Lightweight and perfect for little hands"

My 3 month old took an instant liking to her Ewan Snuggly and this is now one of the first toys she will reach for. I had given her other comforters to snuggle with but what I liked about Ewan is that it is very lightweight which makes it easy for her to hold on to and keep a hold of whether its by his legs or his ears and its also very soft and she seems to like snuggling up to it. This is the only toy/comforter she will actually keep a hold of without dropping but to make sure this doesn't fall out of the pram when we are out and about there is a Velcro fastening on Ewan that you can strap to the pram so you don't lose it and to stop it from falling on the floor and getting dirty. If that was to happen though it is machine washable and you are also able to tumble dry so it is really easy to clean. My niece who is 9 months also makes a grab for Ewan when she visits so I would say appeals to a range of ages as well as younger babies. All in all a good product that makes a nice change from a comfort blanket.

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"Cute and cuddly"

When I found out I would be receiving this, I didn't think it would go down very well with my now 5 month old little girl. We already have Ewan the Dream Sheep, which she's not too fussed on. When the Ewan Snuggly arrived, he was nicely wrapped with purple tissue paper and some info leaflets. As soon as I gave the Ewan Snuggle to her, she tried to eat him and rub him on her cheek. When she sees Ewan she holds out her hands for him, I think he's been a success! He's very soft and has Velcro on his tail, so he won't get lost. I think the price may be slightly too high, they should reduce the price by a £ or two but overall I'm very happy with the Ewan Snuggly x

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