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These super dish meals are fab! Quick and easy for when little one is hungry. My daughter is 17 months and really enjoyed them. The different textures/colours and tastes is what she loved. Something new and different to what mummy cooks at home. On the whole, great product and very much enjoyed in my house :-)

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"Great product but not for us :-("

Was very impressed with the detailed, clear and attractive packaging, however my 20month old daughter didn't take to any of them. I tried them and know they tasted good, it must have just been because she doesn't have puréed foods anymore and all solids. The instructions were clear and easy to cook just in the microwave for a few minutes and done! It's a shame she didn't like them as I would have bought them again otherwise... I would certainly recommend that others try them as they are a good nutritious meal for little ones!

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"Love them"

Love them love them love them! Can't stress enough how lovely these meals are, my little girl adored every single one of them, and she's the fussiest eater! They arrived really well packaged, and didn't take up a huge amount of room in my freezer which is usually nearly full. I found that cooking times varied for each one, sometimes the stated times were enough, others needed another 30 seconds. My little girl has her food luke warm, and they cooled down pretty quickly. When we trialled this my little girl was 19 months, I think she was a little confused as to why there wasn't much texture, and no lumps, if I was to give them to her on a regular basis, I think she would get confused and not want to eat lumpier more solid foods. I think she would have preferred it if the meal was less puréed. We also found that if she didn't have a snack in the afternoon, she was still hungry by the end of dinner, and I usually give her slightly bigger portions than the superdish meals. The meal variety is great, as are the flavours themselves, the price is a little steep for a family on a budget with just one income, I couldn't personally afford to feed her them all the time, however I would look at buying a couple of weeks worth to store for quick melas when we're busy. Definitely worth a try!

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