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Summer Infant Wide View Digital Video Monitor

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This product is easy to use and offers a lot of reassurance to worrying parents. The instructions are easy to follow and very clear. The monitor is a good size for moving about and the picture is clear, the sound quality is also good and the whole system is quite lightweight. The monitor and camera were not difficult to set up. The plugs come with both European and British adapters which was very useful, and they were easy to swap about. This means you could take the product abroad (to Europe anyway!!) very easily. If I had been looking for a video monitor this one seems good value for money and simple to use so I would pay the price for it. I would definitely recommend it to parents who are looking for such a thing.

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"Great night vision. "

This product was very easy to set up. The picture quality is very clear even when night mode is in use. You do however need to ensure the monitor is not angled towards a shiny reflective surface during night mode otherwise the picture is too bright. The video monitor is great to use when my little one is crying because I can check on the monitor first before deciding whether I need to go into her room or not. The two way monitor is also a good feature although my little one sometimes thinks I am playing a game with her when I talk through it - I think this says more about her than the monitor! The monitor can be plugged in (there are both UK and European adapters) or you can make use of its battery and move it around the house with you. Overall I was very pleased with this product.

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"Hello Baby!"

One of the essential things on an expectant parents shopping list is a baby monitor... whether you're planning on your little one using their nursery straight away or, like me, sharing the room with them for the first few months a monitor is a must have for the nap times they spend away from you. The Summer Infant video monitor is a great option from a sea of different makes and models, with it's wide screen video alongside the traditional sound monitoring feature it allows you to keep a close eye on your little one and if you're baby is anything like mine you'll truly appreciate being able to see them and make sure that they're not pulling their blankets over their faces or poking limbs through the bars of the cot... and you may just enjoy watching your little one as they sleep too. The monitor was very easy to set up, the instructions were easy to follow but I found I didn't really need to read them (though I did just to make sure I'd set it all up correctly) The adaptable plugs are a brilliant idea, you're able to change them for traditional UK 3 pin plug to the 2 pin style used in Europe making it a truly portable monitor which you can take away on holiday with you (it's also very compact making it easy to pack amongst luggage) The 2 main units are neat and tidy, the camera section is small enough not to be obtrusive in your babies room and the hand held parent unit is no bigger then a Kindle/small tablet, it has a small stand which you can flick out from the back meaning you can stand it on a surface to do it's thing or tuck it away to walk around with the screen in hand.... and "brackets" are provided meaning you can fix the camera unit to a wall, though we have been able to simply stand ours on a nearby flat surface, there are also security clips provided which you put the adaptor cables through to keep them out of the way. Both pieces come with plug in adaptors, the camera unit needs to be plugged in at all times though you can switch it on an off with a slide button on the back of it's stand, while I understand it will never lose power during a nap time from being constantly plugged in it does also mean that we have a wire permanently running across our carpet thanks to awkward layout of the furniture and sockets. The screen unit has an inner battery which you charge from the mains, it needs around 4-5 hours to charge before initial set up and regular charging when it's battery indicator shows it's running low. The wide screen feature is great for awkward camera positioning or for when baby is in a larger size cot, my older children were real movers in their sleep and always ended up tucked into one of the cot corners, with the wide screen of this monitor it means I'll be able to see my baby which ever position he ends up in. I also really appreciate the adjustable volume as it will allow me to turn it up and still hear baby even when the older 4 kids are playing in the same room as me. The monitor has adjustable brightness levels, night vision, digital zoom, temperature indicator and 2 way communication features but I've yet to really use these as my boy is still very young so only has his naps with me around at the moment....as soon as he has outgrown his moses basket we keep with us downstairs then he will start sleeping upstairs alone more often and those extra features will truly come in to play. While the monitor is far from the cheapest on the market I think you will certainly get your moneys worth as the different features will have benefits well into the toddler years, just be sure to follow the safety advice and keep the cables well out of reach of their little hands.

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"good value for money"

My husband and I are very happy with our purchase. The monitor has a nice large screen with a very clear picture in both day and night vision. The ability to play nursery tunes and speak to baby through the monitor is great. The ability to move the camera from the viewing screen is also a really good feature meaning even if baby moves a great distance there is no need to enter the babies room to move the camera and risk waking them up. The microphone seems very sensitive so we never have to worry about missing a cry. I would definitely recommend this monitor system to others.

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"Great product"

This is a great way to keep a reassuring eye on your child, when you are not in the room with them. It comes with a 5" monitor and a night-vision camera, together with appropriate chargers and brackets to mount the camera to the wall. It is easy to manually move and adjust the camera, and it has a wide-angle lens meaning you can see a lot more of the room. However, it isn't possible to pan and move the camera using buttons on the monitor, which some similar products can offer. The hand-held monitor is much like a miniature tablet. Fully charged, it can last for several hours, but it is widely reported that with time, the battery life can reduce significantly. You can link up to three additional cameras to the monitor, however I cannot comment on how easy this is because we are only using one. The video feed is OK, its by no means high definition, but by the same token, isn't grainy. It is good enough to see your baby breathing and moving. You can zoom in using a button on the side of the monitor, which is useful, but the video quality is reduced by doing this. You can toggle the video on/off, if you want to just listen to sound (which is shown on the monitor via LED lights), and you can increase/decrease both the brightness of the video and the volume of the sound. My favorite function of this is the two-way communication which works great. By pressing the microphone button on the monitor ans speaking, you can reassure and calm baby without leaving the sofa! Also, its pretty handy to see the current temperature in baby's room, which is displayed at the top of the screen. My partner and I know that we will use this daily and are very pleased with it! I would recommend it thoroughly!

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"Since getting this monitor I've been completely addicted to 'baby cam'"

I simply can't stop watching it, it's lovely! This monitor was incredibly easy to set up, just plugged it in both ends and that was that, quite unlike my old one which came with a manual so I was pleasantly surprised. This is the first video monitor I've used so I can't compare it to other similar models though. It automatically changes itself to night vision mode when the light level requires it to and the wide angle of the screen means that I have a good view of my daughter even if she moves around. I'd always wondered what the funny noises I heard on my toddlers audio only baby monitor were and now at the first sound I can click the video button and see exactly whats going on, which I really enjoy. The parent unit has a flick out leg on the back so you can stand it up which I've found very useful. I haven't used the zoom really as it compromises the picture quality. When the new baby arrives I will be using the monitor to keep an eye on it during its naps and I won't have to keep disturbing it by peeking like I used to when my daughter was tiny, I like that theres an option to add an extra camera unit which I may well do. Overall I'm really pleased with this monitor, the only reason it doesn't get five stars is because the picture, although good quality is not quite sufficient to see tiny detail like whether her eyelids are shut in night vision mode.

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