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Strike by The Baseballs

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"You Have to Listen to it!!"

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! I actually love this CD! It Rocks! Literally! A bit dubious at first. Never heard of them, wasn't sure what to expect, put the CD in the player...and.... BAHM! The Baseballs sing modern day songs in an 'Elvis' 'rock'n'roll' vibe! And it truly works! Its was great, I really enjoyed this CD. I could sing along to very familiar songs, songs I had heard that morning on the radio, but with a rock and roll thing going on. It certainly made my housework more enjoyable. You just cant help but to wiggle your hips to this CD! Kids loved it, i loved it! BRILLIANT!

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"a grower"

Initially i was apprehensive as i had never heard of this group before but the more i listened the more the songs grew on me. The Baseballs basically take modern songs like katie perrys hot and cold then give it a 50's twist. The end result is truely genius. My children aged between 14 and 18 months all really enjoyed the songs my 8 year old especially. The cd is now living in her bedroom and is played everyday all in all a great cd even for the apprehensive!

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"Surprisingly good!!"

I read the description of the cd and really thought I wouldn't like it at all but it is really pretty good! I am not a fan of Rhianna and found her song pretty annoying but the 50's style version on this cd was great! The cd is by The Baseballs and is basically rock n roll covers of modern songs by the likes of Rhianna and Robbie Williams etc. The kids love it too and my 6 and 2 year olds were dancing around straight away. Would be great music for a kids party.

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