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Spatone - Iron Supplement

Spatone - Iron Supplement
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It is very important that you get enough iron into your body, both during pregnancy and the first few months after childbirth. Iron reduces fatigue and tiredness by aiding the release of energy from the food you eat so that you can stay healthy and energised.

Iron deficiency is quite common among pregnant women in the UK so supplements are a regular recommendation. Spatone Iron Supplements are a safe and 100% natural way for pregnant women to keep their iron levels up.

The liquid iron supplements come in sachets and are easy to take, so if you don't like tablets or capsules, then Spatone Iron Supplements are the perfect option for you. All you need is one to two sachets per day to give your body what it needs.

Spatone Iron Supplements have been clinically proven to be effective in maintaining healthy iron levels in pregnant women. They contain no alcohol or artificial ingredients so they are healthy and completely natural.

The liquid in the sachets comes from a clean spring in Whales, which is naturally rich in iron. The Spatone Iron Supplements have been found to absorb much more easily into the body than the more conventional iron supplements. This makes it the better choice for pregnant women so that iron deficiency and anaemia can be avoided.

Spatone Iron Supplements are also very convenient to take as they can be drunk directly or added to some juice. The sachets make the supplement easy to carry with you if you have to take them on the go.

While high-dosage iron tablets can sometimes cause an upset stomach and take some time to dissolve, Spatone Iron Supplements are much more gentle on the body and absorb much more easily and efficiently.

Main Features:

  • 100% natural
  • Comes in a pack of 28 convenient sachets
  • Safe to use during pregnancy

What we like

  • No artificial ingredients: Spatone Iron Supplements are 100% natural and vegan with no colorants, sugar, alcohol, preservatives or fragrances.

  • Easy to take: The supplements come in liquid form in sachets so you can add them to your juice or drink them straight. The sachets also make it easy for you to always have your supplements with you in your handbag.

What we dislike

  • Its taste: Spatone Iron Supplements are completely natural and are not flavoured so they do not taste very good. However you can add it to some fruit juice to make it easier to drink.

Customer Reviews

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"Iron I can take!"

When I was told that I was getting an Iron supplement to review I was both excited and sceptical. I am very anaemic when pregnant and slightly anaemic when not so I have had a couple of different iron supplements and have never had good experiences with them. My normal experiences are such that I usually avoid iron like the plague. But now for this product, it looks like a sachet of water. The instructions recommend that you dilute the solution in half a glass of fruit juice or water as it has a metallic taste. Personally I would recommend that you dilute as much as possible, as while the taste while drinking isn't unpleasant it left a metallic after taste for hours, but with a higher dilution I didn't notice it as much. The first important fact is that while the iron solution that I have been given when pregnant makes me vomit - this doesn't. The second fact for me is that while the iron tablet that I have been given in the past turns my poo black and make me constipated, but so far after almost a week of taking the solution, this hasn't. I feel more awake and less moody, so it feels like it is working, of course without a blood test I can't say how it is making my Hb levels improve, but I do feel a lot better in myself. So in conclusion, unlike the other iron that is lining my bathroom cupboard I will be completing the months course that I received, and if I get pregnant again, I will be taking it.

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"An Easy Way To Take Iron"

I seem to be low on iron lots and so when I got the email telling me I was reviewing this product I was more than happy. After reading about it on the web I was even more happy when I found out it came in a liquid form as I hate taking pills with a passion! A week in and the only downside I would say is the taste it leaves you with! But as its in liquid form you just need to add it to your fruit juice in the morning and thats it gone! Its also doesnt seem to give you the same side effect as other iron suppliments I have taken in the past (diarrhea or black poo!) At just under £7 RRP I think its expensive but as its so easy to take and comes without the usual side effects I guess it can maybe justify the higher price tag. But I think the price would put off a lot of people (myself included!)

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"Easy way to take Iron"

Spatone Iron Supplement is a godsend in liquid form, while I can take tablets, I would much prefer to take via liquid. I took this supplement with fruit juice as I dont like the taste undiluted and I could hardly taste this which was ideal, and I think its great that you can have a choice of ways to take this supplement. The price is a little on the expensive side, but a great product and also recommended for pregnant women.

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"Fantastic product"

I have previously used Spatone when I was pregnant with my son, but since then havent really thought about it. When I got the review I was happy to try it to see if it made any difference. I love the fact that it comes in liquid form and doesnt seem to have many side effects that come with iron tablets!lol I found the best way to take it was to add it to some ornage juice and drink it in one go, it did leave a slight taste but nothing that cant be dealt with. After the first couple of days I noticed I wasnt quite so tired by 7pm like I had been, I also noticed that I was sleeping alot better too. By the end of the week I felt I had more energy and also didnt get tired quite so early or so quickly. I've decided to carry on taking it, and have been a purchased some. For me the benefits far outweigh the cost. I would defiantely recommend it to friends and family.

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"Great value for money"

I found the product to be extremely satisfying. Like the other reviewers i don't take kindly to swallowing pills so to have it in liquid form was brilliant, i just added it to my morning orange juice. I began to notice a huge difference within two days, i was more energetic, it really motivated me to go on my daily walk with my Son. At Night i was able to stay awake longer, and when falling asleep, the product really enabled to have a lovely long sleep. It is really worth taking the whole months course, just to be able to run around after your kids and collapse on the sofa after. I have ordered another course and definitley reccommend it whilst being pregnant, i know now i can rely on Spatone

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"feeling better already!!"

have been taking for almost 2 weeks and can notice a diffence already.during my pregnancy my iron levels were low and had to take iron tablets,which if anything made me feel worse,however these have been easy to take mixed with some juice to get rid of taste!!i seem to have more energy and actually feel awake again!!would recommend to anyone with low iron levels who is struggling with the tablets!

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"Expensive mineral water"

I have found the Spatone supplement easier and more pleasant to take than a pill each day. I found it undrinkable without mixing it with orange juice because it tastes very metallic but apparently the orange juice helps to increase the absorption of the iron in Spatone. I found the packaging and blurb a bit misleading. It is effectively a box of mineral water sachets (and as such, is quite expensive, but no more so than the equivalent iron tablets); on a bottle of mineral water I would expect it to tell me about the other consituent minerals, even if it was only trying to 'sell' me the iron content. It would be nice to know what other things are in the Spatone water. On the sachets, it mentions that they contain as much iron as 8lb of broccoli, and when you work it out, you can find that Spatone, if well-absorbed, can give you 100% of your daily recommended iron intake but my issue with this is that for most people who eat a healthy balanced diet (and I appreciate that there are people whose reviews appear elsewhere on the page, for whom this statement isn't relevant) should already be getting a large amount of the RDA of iron, without consuming pounds of broccoli. Despite this, I think Spatone would be a great way to boost your iron intake during pregnancy when it is particularly important.

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"easy to take!"

i like the fact that i can get an iron supplement as a liquid rather than taking tablets! especially while your pregnant as there are enough tablets to take! found it maybe a little bit expensive but if you find that it works for you then maybe not! doesnt taste very nice when not taken with juice but other than that no complaints!!

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"Good product"

Spatone is an easy to use iron supplement which when mixed with orange juice (as suggested on the pack, and is needed as taste on own not good) is easy to drink and take. I can't comment on whether it works, as I have good iron levels at the moment. But if I needed to take iron supplements regularly, I would have no problem in buying this product as I feel it is user friendly and costwise, not much different to tablet style supplements. If you wanted to take the supplement half way through the day, the little sachets are small enough to slip into your handbag. Happy to recommend product to others. Sharon Anne

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"Gave me more energy. "

I enjoyed this product as it made me feel better and made it easier to get my iron intake, it is however expensive as others have said because changing diets can take your iron intake up. Its a good product for me as I am quite lazy and would rather take a supplement thats easy to put into juice etc than have to change my diet. Overall I found this product good and found it gave me more energy.

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"great product but expensive"

I had been feeling quite tired lately and have been prone to low iron levels in the past. I really liked the product being in liquid form and was very easy to use. However like others have said I am not sure whether the price is justified as changing diet can help with iron levels and also iron tablets are cheaper. It is a great product but is something you could do without buying a supplement.

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"Easy to take"

Initially i was a bit sceptical about taking this as I'm not a great believer in supplements however i was actually quite impressed. By adding the liquid to fruit juice meant it was easy to take although the taste isn't great. It tended to leave a slight metallic taste in my mouth which isn't pleasant but i just added more juice. I think because you are adding it to a drink it makes it easy to remeber to take it as opposed to vitamin tablets which i always used to forget. I didn't have any side affects apart from i seemed to visit the loo more regularly! On the face of it Spatone seems good value at £6.95 however for long term use it is quite pricey. £6.95 a month is an extra £83. a year which when you can manage your iron intake by having a good diet seems slightly excessive. Overall i did feel less tired which as a busy working mum is always a bonus and the fact that the product is 100% natural is a definite advantage but i'm not sure i can justify the additional cost.

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"Good product that anyone can have!"

A fantastic liquid form iron supplement that can be included with your juice to make it easier to drink! It was very convenient and different to tablet iron supplements. After taking this for the full 28 days (a box contains 28 sachets- one per day) I found that I did not suffer from any noticeable side-effects and was pleasantly surprised and did not feel it gave a nasty after taste either due to being able to use it in my juice. It is not a product I would normally buy though I possibly would give it a go in the future. The price is £6.95 and is readily available, at this price though I would probably be put off - though as the product is 100% natural (contains spring water sourced from mountains in Snowdonia National Park)and comes in liquid form as opposed to tablet, it's fair to say that could possibly justify this price. Nice to know that anyone can use this product and that it is safe for pregnant women to take on a daily basis also.

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"don't take undiluted!"

I initially thought I'd be able to take this product undiluted. So I put it into a glass and drank it in one go, and I was almost sick! It tasted like blood. That's the iron in it, so since that I took it in juice, but it still had a slight taste. I found it very difficult to take, and was unable to take the full one month's test supply. I tried it a few times, but no matter what I took it with, I could still taste the iron taste. The packaging looks well, would stand out on the shop shelf, and is quite compact too.

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"Good product"

As a slightly anaemic mum of one l often find my energy levels dipping throughout the day and moreso during the evening. l like the option of taking a liquid form of iron supplement, the taste was bearable. l diluted mine with water, drank it in one go and then just had another drink or snack to hand to get rid of the metallic taste. l have been taking Spatone for approx 20days now and have noticed an improvement in my energy levels without any side effects. l think it is slightly more expensive than other supplements available on the market but maybe this is due to the extra packaging (individual sachets) However l felt this product was good value for money and would definately purchase this again especially when pregnant.

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