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Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems

Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems
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"Gets you there in the end!"

I spent a long time trying to read this as working full time and having 3 kids to sort! BUt worth the read as soon as I got through it! There were some really helpful tips,tough love and following through with what it said in this book was hard at first listening to the crying was hard but the book was similar to what friends and health visitors had advised! I now have a 6 pm till 5 am sleeping little 36 month old Girl. Still trying to get her to sleep past that time but I can not complain at 13 hours sleep from her! My 5 year old son has now started to sleep through tho he has started to wet the bed...so now I am trying to address this instead, I will be passing this book onto my sister and then onto my friend when her baby is born as there are some really helpful hints and tips.

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"Helped me out "

This book was a little hard to understand at first - however after a while i got into it and realized some of the things in it were very reassuring for me. Some of it is what the health visitor had told me to do. After one week of tough love and following through with what it said in this book, I now have a 7 pm till 7 am sleeping little 20 month old boy. I'd say this book is a keeper for any future none sleeping babyies I may have. Well worth the money for a good nights sleep.

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"too much & confusing "

Ok, my first thought on this book is it was just too much and once i started reading it i realised my first thought was right. It does explain about all the different sleep problems that you may be faced with but i felt it just went into explaining it all too much and very confusing, especially if you are suffering with tiredness as it is very easy to get distracted. Not a book that i found helped with my situation i'm afraid, and especially for the price.

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"confusing but helpful"

Well i think my title says it all really. This is a very helpful book and gives great advice from other parents experiences as well as expert opinions. I found some of the information to be a little over the top and confusing to understand. However i did find some of the information about levels of sleep and how to help my child settle into what i would call a productive nights sleep. My 5yr old suffers with night terrors and this is very stressful and disturbing to watch and hear. knowing there is nothing i can do to help is frustrating but with the information i found in this book i now know that my child is not in any pain nor does he remember anything about these terrors which is a relief to know on its own. We also now know what may trigger these terrors and we are dealing with them in a whole new way which has reduced the severity and even reduced the number of the terrors which were happening. All in all its a good read if your child has difficulty sleeping for what ever reason then you will surely find help and advice that will help in the book. Its well written but can be confusing at times, but these areas may not apply to you and you can skip that chapter if that is the case. The book is quite expensive but who can put a value on a good nights sleep for your child, and yourself.

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Well this book has some very good and useful info for all ages. It tells you what the problems could be and how to solve them. Some stories are of other parents experiences. I did find bits in there that were quite hard to understand/confusing. Some bits I didn't really need to know about but they may interest other parents like what really is sleep etc. But overall it was an interesting book.

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