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Sola2 by Mamas and Papas

Sola2 by Mamas and Papas
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The Sola2 pushchair is designed to be as easy as possible for you to unfold and setup. It is perfect for everyday use when you don't have the time to set up complicated prams and pushchairs but simply need to unfold and go.

It has a simple yet sturdy build so you can feel confident putting your baby in it for your everyday outings. The Sola2 folds up neatly and is easily travel with it as it won't take up too much space in your car. It also has a dual-position seating set up so you can choose whether you want your baby to face you or world.

The Sola2 has a simplistic design that includes everything you need in a push chair. It has tough suspension wheels in the front and rear so your baby can always enjoy a smooth ride. You can adjust the handle to suit your height so that you can also be as comfortable as possible while pushing the chair around.

It features a large hood, made from UPF 50 fabric, to protect your baby from harmful sun rays and also has a magnetic window that lets you check on your baby every now and then. The seat reclines flat so it is suitable to use for newborns and supports your baby while they sleep. The Sola2 has a 5-point safety harness so you can have total peace of mind that your baby is safe and strapped in.

Overall the Sola2 is a great pushchair for parents who need one that is quick and easy to set up while still being safe and sturdy for their baby. The Sola2 is a great quality pushchair with many great features to make your everyday life easier.

Main Features

  • Lightweight
  • Rain Cover
  • Suitable for use straight from birth
  • Large UPF 50 hood
  • Front and rear suspension wheels for smooth rides

What we like

  • Easy to Set up: The Sola2 pushchair is super easy to set up, all you need to do is unfold and you're ready to go.

  • Sturdy but lightweight: The pushchair is quite lightweight so it is very easy to transport, yet it is still very sturdy and safe for your baby.

What we dislike

  • Does not have inflatable tyres: The wheels on the Sola2 do not perform that well on very rough surfaces, so if you frequently walk along rough terrain then maybe try find a pushchair with inflatable tyres.

Customer Reviews

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"Lovely sturdy well made all rounder"

Having tested loads and loads of travel systems in various large baby shops we decided on the sola2. We have the chair seat in red, the carrycot pram in blue sea and the aton car seat in teal. The carrycot pram part we used until approximately 11 weeks, but he was a large baby. It is well made, easy to fit onto the chassis and he looked comfortable. My only annoyance with it was the side poppers are quite stiff to pop on and off. It looks lovely too. The car seat fixes with two adaptors which isn't too much hassle really. We used this if running into a shop from the car if not for long. The car seat is nice and light compared to some others and is rear facing. There is a newborn insert which is good too and easy to remove. we bought the isofix base separately too and this proved to be a godsend both for the fact it is far more secure and also super easy to click the car seat in and out withput compromising on the fit of the seat as once you've spent the time fixing the isofix base to the car correctly then you only need to worry about clicking the seat on and off. The Green button shows its on correctly. Overall a great seat. We did however have to buy a separate raincover as it wasn't included. The main seat part is a great size, shape, aand can be parent or forward facing, it has 3 reclining positions too. During the winter we have the matching fairground print footmuff (bought separately) which is really cosy and gets so many compliments. It's easy to put on. We also have a John lewis sheepskin liner that we use in winter inside the footmuff and in summer without. It looks so comfy in there and he loves it. He happily naps in there too when out and about. the ba across can be removed when not in use, we tend not to use it in winter when the footmuff is on. I wanted a handlebar that went right across rather than 2 separate handles and this one is just that, it can also be moved to various positions so for instance my other half has it positioned higher. It's also a nice texture and doesn't feel hot or clammy, something I find with shiny rubberised plastic or leather types. The shopping basket is also decently sized. We have a small car with a small boot and the only downside is when collapsing we need to take 2 wheels off to fit this in, but our boot is small. The wheels click off really fast. I would like it to be a one handed collapse but I think with a system like this it's rare. That's the only complaint really. Overall we found this system to be far superior in terms of quality than others we tried and definitely feel we have got value for money and will definitely be using until the next child needs it and will use again then. I have recommended it to friends when they have asked my opinion too. It's a joy to push with swivel wheels too and looks lovely.

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