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Smart Trike All In One Stage 2

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"Fun & comfortable"

My son really likes this trike. He has just turned one, so hasn't made use of the stage for younger babies, when the trike can be used as a rocker. I think he would have liked this when he was around 6 months though, as the trike is comfortable and this would have enabled him to look around while being safely restrained! He loves to stand and play with the trike, and he also likes sitting in it and playing with small toys, stones etc(!) on the tray. It feels secure when he's strapped in and the padding makes it more comfortable than most trikes. It also looks as though it will be good fun when he's a bit older and he can use it as a ride-on and then a scooter. There are a few down-sides though. The parent handle makes the trike quite large to transport (though most trikes seem similar) and because it doesn't have a proper steering mechanism it isn't very practical for taking out for any distance as you pretty much have to lift the trike to turn it around. My son has been on other trikes which do have steering (including others by the Smart Trike brand) and I must say they are much easier to maneuver, although the fact that this one doesn't steer does prevent my son from doing the steering himself and taking us off in unwanted directions! In terms of assembly, the trike was relatively easy to put together and it has useful features such as a zipped bag to keep a few bits and pieces in. I think the retail price for this is just over £100, which obviously isn't cheap. However, because it does last such a long time this does justify the price somewhat. However, if I was looking to buy this for my son at his current age (1) I would probably go for a version with proper steering, as I think we would get much more use out of it, & it would be about the same price to buy a steering trike & then a separate ride-on later, or a version without the rocker stage. If I was looking at trikes when my son was around 6 months I would have been more likely to have bought this as I would have got some use out of the rocker. Overall though, my son enjoys going in his trike and it's definitely one of the most comfortable he's been in, and I think he will have lots of fun playing with the ride-on & scooter when he's older.

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"Appealing to the eye!"

My daughter is 10 months old and absolutely loves the trike. I use it with the parent handle and she feels involved when she zooms along side her 4 year old brother on his scooter. The trike is very easy to assemble and looks very trendy, much more appealing than the other trikes on the market. The price is quite on the high side but its very sturdy and with all the features it has I can imagine my daughter using it for a couple of years and its saves me from buying an additional ride on and scooter. Advantages - Trendy, strong/sturdy and great safety features. Disadvantages - The parent handle seems a bit flimsy and I would have liked to be able to turn the handle to turn the wheels. If I want to change direction I have to use the handle to lift the trike to a different direction. Overall, The smart trike all in one stage 2 is a great looking trike and if it makes my daughter happy then i am happy.

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