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Shaun the Sheep - Picture Perfect

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"Good film"

My two older girls (8 and 4) really enjoyed this film and sat quietly throughout whilst laughing at the screen. I would definitely recommend this film to my friends and would purchase another similar film.

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My children aged 1 and 4 enjoyed watching episodes of this. It's a nice DVD to have on hand if they want to watch something brief and can revisit favourite episodes. For anyone who's a big Shaun the sheep fan this would certainly be enjoyable.

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"Cheerful and funny "

My boys (3 & 1) both enjoyed it! My eldest has asked to watch it again many times! Short fun episodes hold kids attention more than a long film. Fair price for the amount of episodes that are on the DVD also! Would definitely recommend :)

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"Easy watching for everyone"

We really enjoyed watching this as a family, my husband even watched it and he is not a fan of kids tv shows! The episodes were the perfect lenght of time to keep my kids interested and my eldest thought it was funny!

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"very entertaining"

my grandson 5 loved it and found it very amusing. He has watched it a number of times now and keeps him quiet. I would highly recommend especially if you love shaun the sheep.

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"Excellent DVD"

My 6yr old daughter absolutely loved this DVD, the episodes were short which keeps her attention longer than film length shows, but there were lots of different episodes to watch. There were also some bonus episodes of Morph which she really enjoyed as well. She giggled all the way through and has watched it quite a few times. I would highly recommend it and it is good value for money.

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we are not big dvd watchers, but my 6 year old son loved Shaun the sheep as did I! the episodes were short enough to keep younger minds interested. would recommend to friends.

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