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Sensodyne Repair and Protect

Customer Reviews

"shiny teeth"

I must admit i was dubious to try this at first as im funny with trying new toothpaste, but im really liking this one. To start i have a hole in my tooth and i am also a tooth clencher at night in my sleep waking with achey teeth most mornings. Within 4 days i have noticed my teeth dont ache of a morning and i can swill my mouth out with cold water and feel no pain. I'm using this toothpaste twice a day morning and night. The paste was just the right mintyness. It left my teeth feeling shiny and smooth all day (cant stop rubbing my tongue on them hehe). My only downer is its not as frothy as im used to but have gotten used to that now.

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"Brilliant toothpaste for sensitive teeth"

We have been using Sensodyne products for a while, as they have been recommended by our dentist. Sensodyne Repair and Protect is a great product for sensitive teeth. It is a daily paste with advanced desensitising technology, and it does what it says. I used to have very sensitive teeth, and anything cold or hot would make my teeth ache. By using this toothpaste, a protective layer builds around teeth and creates a lasting barrier. It has a nice consistency, a pleasant flavour and a nice aftertaste. Mouth feels clean and fresh. Also would like to mention a very stylish design of the box, striking and eye catching. All in all, a superb product.

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"better than Sensodyne gel"

I love this toothpaste, I normally use Sensodyne gel as I have sensitive teeth and it was recommended by my dentist. I love the fresh minty taste, more like a normal toothpaste than the gel that I normally use. It reminds me of mint imperials. My teeth are noticeably less sensitive now, I'm not having any problems with them at all. My teeth look whiter too. I will definitely be purchasing a new tube when this one runs out.

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When I first tried this I wondered what could be so different and special about this toothpaste. I loved it, although I don't have sensitive teeth or I didn't think I did until I realised that I no longer was worried about ice cream or other cold items. I loved the feeling after I brushed my teeth of how smooth they felt. I also asked my husband to use it who has sensitive teeth and he was in awe, as he no longer has any discomfort when eating a lot of food.

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"Not impressed"

When i opened the packet i thought to myself ohhh it might be a good toothpaste this. It came out nice and thick and that is where it stopped almost as soon as it hits your teeth it goes to water and I have not seen any change in my sensitivity in fact it seems to have gotten worse..... In my opinion i would try and get a hold of all the trail size versions of similar toothpastes and try them all as this is about the 3rd or 4th sensitive toothpaste i have tried and it really does seem the worse.

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