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Scuttle Bug

Scuttle Bug
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What is the Scuttlebug?

The Scuttlebug is a cute 3-wheeled ride-on that comes in various colours and styles.  It folds down to become more compact and easy to transport.

What age is the Scuttlebug suitable for?

Scuttlebugs are ideally suited for children aged between 1 and 3.

How do you fold a Scuttlebug?

There is a sliding button on the bottom of the Scuttlebug.  Simply push down on this button and the front wheel will fold down and click into place.

Should I buy a Scuttlebug or Scramblebug?

The Scramblebug is simply a 4-wheeled version of the Scuttlebug.  It's probably easier to steer and a bit more balanced, but both are designed for the same age range.  It's simply a matter of choice.

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"Great fun indoor and outdoor"

We were given one of these for his birthday along with its competititor the scramblebug. The scuttlebug is really lightweight and I love the fact it folds so small and can just be chucked in the bottom of the buggy to take out wherever we go and takes no space at all. It's easy to open and close and unlikely that the little ones would be able to do it themselves and therefore trap fingers so that's also a good feature. You can carry it by the handles. The design is really sweet we have the red bug one. The wheels don't leave any kind of marks on our laminate floors which I was a bit worried about. It took him a little while to get the hang of it but I imagine an 18 month old would pick it up much quicker. It says last til 3 years old so I think definitely worth the money and have recommended to several friends.

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"Fab ride on toy "

This is an excellent ride on toy! I bought it for my 1 year old and he loves it, but my 3 year old also loves whizzing around on it. Love that it folds up, makes it easy to take out and about. Great price too! Would 100% recommend :)

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"Excellent riding toy"

My son loved his scuttlebug, he used to zoom around the house on it. We even took it on holiday with us as it folds up and fit easily in his suitcase! I can't wait for his little baby to be able to use it!

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absalutly love this little ride as does my 22 month old boy! was easy to set up! folds down so i can pop it under the buggy if we are going visiting and he always has something to play on! just a shame the warning says on it not for over 36 months as would have like to see it grow with the child!

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"Great fun"

My son loved this he zoomed around inside and out from around 12 months until 2.5 yrs he would if carried on using it if we hadn't of put it away. It's great to travel with very easy to store and very light. I would recommend this to anyone

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"Bright and beautiful!"

Think this little pink fold-up bike is brilliant. My daughter Kitty got it from her Auntie Emma and she loves it. She rides it, watches tv on it and generally poses for photos a lot of the time wearing her wellies! Don't think it is too expensive because you could pay that for a little wooden bike from any shop, but this one rides along well and when you are plodding up the school with a 2 year old who suddenly decides she doesn't want to ride it any more you can just fold it up instead of cracking your ankles for the next half hour like you would with a normal bike or trike!

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"Great Entertainment"

The Scuttle Bug was meant to be tested by my eighteen month old daughter instead she found herself competing to have a go with her 3 year old sister,they were consistently fighting over it whenever I got it out. It comes in pink and blue, folded down for easy storage. It was real easy to put up it took a matter of seconds. When Lauren (18mths old) finally managed to have ago I found she didn't ride it she just walked with it, she even sat on it backwards. Eventually she will get the hang of it. As to Olivia (3yrs) she loved it. However the price of £25 I don't think I would have paid for it, for that I would have gone with one with pedals, a basket and a bell.

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"really great"

i love it as soon as it arrived kian would not leave it alone its a bit strange looking but kind of cool they come in pink and blue as far as i know and perfect for those with smaller house as they fold flat wheel are really smooth so when your outside there really quiet which i like as with other ride on toys can hear you a mile away. kian found it really easy is push around or drag which he did to really strong little bike perfect for toddlers would reccomend to friends worth money

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