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"Maybe a bit too late for me"

By the time I got the book my baby was over 4 months old and all the advice on sleeping as a tiny baby was no good for me. I imagine it may have been helpful for some people. I suppose we are very lucky and a lot of the book didnt apply to me as our baby has slept through the night from 7 weeks old, went into her own room in her cot at 11 weeks and has been perfect ever since. I cant really comment on all the advice cos I havent used it. Sorry I cannot be more helpfiul. I do definitely agree with the bit of when your baby is in her cot, give her night time feed but put in cot awake and let her fall asleep herself, my friend rocked her baby to sleep after her feed and then if she did wake in the night, she had to go in and do the same again whereas we dont. Our baby is now 6mths+ and she sleeps from 7.30pm - 8am next day. A bit in the book I probably dont agree with, is the dummy thing. I know a lot of books suggest not to give one but we have and its been a godsend, when baby is twisty and grouchy, she has her dummy and cheers up or nods off. She does have it at night but once it falls out, thats it, its out for the night until the next morning. I did like the weaning section of the book and found this helpful. I did start with baby rice only at 17 weeks as my baby was draining 9oz bottles. She is now 6mths and on purees and finger foods and loving everything. A good read anyway, I read the book when I was on my breaks at work and was an easy read and imagine it may help some folk who are at their wits end with baba not sleeping. Several girls at work always said to me, if you are chilled, your baby will be, if you are manic, your baby will be and I find that very good advice. x

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"not just a book to help with sleep"

this book was a very interesting read, although the sleep sections were irrelavant to me as my baby is and always has been a good sleeper.he is 13 weeks old. there is a lot more to the book than just advice on getting your baby to sleep well. the one thing that stands out the most in this book is the importance of a good routine with baby from birth. this i would totally agree with and printed in the book are some very good examples of daily routines for you and your baby/child to follow on a daily basis. shown right from birth up to 2 years old. there is a very good weaning section in the book, giving lots of advice, recipes and what foods to introduce to baby and at what age. there is a list of all food types at the back of the book. there are other sections to the book such as special situations and common health concerns all containing very useful information. one of the last chapters is all about cot death which is such a taboo subject and i wasnt sure how i felt about reading that section. im so glad i did as again it was very interesting to read and contained many pieces of good advice and lots of common sense as well. overall i would say that this is an excellent book, a very good and interesting read and i would highly recommend it to any one and not just as book to help baby sleep but also for all the extra information contained in it.

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