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Safe Sippy Cup

Safe Sippy Cup
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"Trendy cup"

This is a trendy looking and well designed cup. It is bottle-shaped stainless steel design that of course is BPA free. It Is designed to last from age 6 months upwards and I can see that it could be used up to pre-school years. There are removable handles but because there is an easy grip cover to the bottle we don't find the handles necessary. The shape of the bottle and the fact that there is a lid means that it is well-designed for putting in a bag for drinks on the move. There is also a straw adapter for older children when they want to move on form sippy designs. We like the treny bright colours that Safesippy comes in.

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"Trendy & Smart Design"

First of all it was reassuring to know that this product is free from all toxic chemicals found in many plastic and metal bottles, certified free of BPA and phthalates. I found this sippy cup extremely easy to use and am very impressed with the trendy design. The cup is a great shape for my daughter to hold and has an easy-grip sleeve too. You have also got the option to have handles on it, but I preferred not to. The non spill spout works very well and my daughter uses the sippy valve at the moment which she is happy with. The cup comes with a straw adaptor for when baby is older but we havent tried that yet. I do think this cup is good value for money and would recommend it to a friend.

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