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"great item "

We received this last week just when my eldest was having a sleep over, so I gave to them to try out. I must say it kept them very busy for quite a while from just the look of the book the children were very keen to get stuck in. They all found crafts easy and enjoyable to do. I do think this is value for money and as I say the kids was very happy with it (they would definitely be interested in this). All in all great product.

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"Perfectly busy"

This is a fantastic new product and kept my daughter very busy over half term. She still hasn't got round to doing everything in the pack. The ideas of around 5 different things to make with the equipment included is very helpful. My daughter enjoyed making the ring, the cookie pops and yet has the bag to make and other things. This is perfect and comes out once a month which at £4.99 is pocket money worth spending on.

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"Good value for money"

I gave this to my two older girls (11yrs) and they really enjoyed it. They even got my younger one involved (3 1/2 yrs). It kept them entertained for ages! It was not too difficult for them, although I did have to give the little one a helping hand...and I found it quite fun myself. Definitely good value for money. Looking forward to the next issue. Great idea for mummy daughter days!

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"fab item "

I got this magazine for my 2 older girls 10 and 8 .They loved it they really enjoyed making the items that came with it. Even my 2 year old got involved in making a bag . I would def recommend this to anyone who's children enjoy making things . My eldest has had lots of compliments on the bag they designed themselves . Well worth looking at and great value for money

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